Kinect SDK Beta 1 Refresh

kinect sdk

The Kinect SDK has just released a Beta1 Refresh. The update applies a number of driver enhancements including stability fixes to prevent crashes, including those that appear when a PC goes into sleep mode. The update also supplies runtime enhancements around refinements to a number of APIs, improvements in time-stamping, and the removal of non-functional APIs. The documentation has also been overhauled as well, and new SDK samples have been posted. Download, BUILD, and enjoy.

Useful links
Get the bits – 
Channel9 on Kinect Beta Refresh with Dan Fernandez and Rob Relya – 
Details of fixes – 
Updated doc – 
Updated FAQ – with non-commercial licensing verbage – 
Forums – 
Project gallery – 
Buy a Kinect – no XBox necessary – make sure you get the Kinect with the external power cable – .
Already have a Kinect but no external power cable – here’s the Kinect HDE power cable –

I will be doing a Kinect SDK talk at South Florida SQL Saturday ( ). No Kinect doesn’t have anything to do with SQL, but what the heck.

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