Free Windows Phone Dev Webinars by Chris G. Williams

chris williams

Some Windows Phone tutorials for you that are a little off the beaten path.

Chris Williams ( @chrisgwilliams ), author of Professional Windows Phone Game Development,  has been working with DevExpress on a series of free Windows Phone webinars. To date he's got seven of these completed.

Introduction to WP7 Development with Silverlight and XNA
Dive Into XNA on Windows Phone
Deeper Dive Into Silverlight on Windows Phone
Completed Building a Scrolling Tile Engine with XNA on Windows Phone
Building a pathfinding system using waypoints with XNA on WP7
Using the Push Notifications Service in your apps or games
Making Money From Free Apps with the Microsoft Ad SDK

You can find the full list of webinars at Webinar Series. Chris's blog is at . Enjoy!

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