Upgrading My Dell Venue Pro to 32gb – Joey did a bad, bad thing

Joey did a bad, bad thing. I violated the warranty on my Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone. But sometimes good comes with bad. From my take, the "bad thing" was voiding the warranty on this particular Dell Venue Pro. But so far I think its worth it. The good thing I did was take my 8gb Dell Venue Pro and make it a 32g Dell Venue Pro.

There is also a video version of this post available on youtube.  Quite interesting to watch the old SD card getting pried out!


FIRST STEP - Get a 32g Micro-SD Card - I had no clue what brand was best or certified, so I simply went for the biggest one clearly labeled class 6 a KomputerBay card costing about $60 .

SECOND STEP - Protect yourself - Your phone is going to get wiped. All your data will be lost. No ifs/ands/buts about it. Make sure you've gotten all your photos and such off the phone using the Dell Software.

THIRD STEP - Get phone ready - Open the back of your phone so you can take the battery out when you need to.

FOURTH STEP - Reset your phone - Go int Settings / About / Reset Your Phone. You'll get a confirmation message. Obviously click through it. When the Dell logo comes up after the reboot yank the battery out.


FIFTH STEP - Remove the existing card - Remove the black tape on the side covering the micro-SD card slot. Pry out the micro-SD card with a pocket knife or something. The old card in mine was a Class 4 Sandisk. Save this card, if you have problems simply put the 8gb card back in.

SIXTH STEP - Insert new micro-SD card

SEVENTH STEP - Restart the phone - Put the battery back in.  Turn the power come on.  The phone should reinit and you'll be good to go

You can check your memory in the in the Zune software or Settings / About dialog. Let me know how it goes for you.

Full credit, where full credit is due. I firstread about the upgrade process at Matthew Miller's blog on ZDNet and used his blueprint for my upgrade.

Comments (14)

  1. Matt says:

    May be a silly question, but what's the 'Dell Software' you used to backup all the phone data?

  2. jhealy says:

    No Dell.  The 'data' I backed up was simple some photos I had on it that I drug off the device using the Zune software.  Everything else got lost.

  3. Is the Frankenphone still up and running?

  4. jhealy says:

    frankenphone upgraded to 7712 last night.  sweet.

  5. Christian l. says:

    did you get it to upgrade to Mango with the same card?

  6. jhealy says:

    mango dev 7712 installed fine.  seems a bit slow, but ah well, i got 29gig available.  healy aka devfish…

  7. jhealy says:

    Note this just updated to release mango via zune today.  woohoo

  8. Veer says:

    Wow, i thought komputerbay was a crap brand… go figure. Oh btw, from what i've been reading, if an update makes Win Phone 7 act all wonky, do a factory reset and it should start behaving itself again.

  9. amateur tech says:

    are you positive the only card to work is Komputerbay, do you know of anyone trying a different card?, how could you brick the phone?

  10. jhealy says:

    @amateur – i'm not sure that komputerbay is the only card, its the only one I've tried though.  How could you brick the phone?  No idea.  But this is not a supported procedure, so use at your own risk.   specifically have am telling you this is not a supported procedure and to do at your own risk.

  11. Swaminath says:

    I did the step . But , am not able to use my previous card .. Am not even able to detect in My computer or anywhere .. Kindly help me =]

  12. jhealy says:

    @swaminath – the phone is toast or just the card?

  13. Sunsun says:

    coincidently i read your article but i didnt' do anything of what you are saying. However, I am facing a problem is I keep receiving 2 error messages in my phone when i switch on.

    Error 1. Low on Space. Phone Storage space is getting low.

    Error 2. the text messages are rejected due to low memory.

    I have already go to the applications to move all the data to the SD card. However, i am still seeing large data are still in the memory. Those moved to SD card data are only a few percent.

    Do you know how to help me on this?

  14. jhealy says:

    @sunsun when I get low on space I usually just reset my phone and just reinstall stuff I need

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