Florida Microsoft Community Develeloper Events April 2 2011 and forward

Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida

Orlando .NET User Group ( http://www.onetug.org )
Apr-21 Windows Phone 7 with Kevin Wolf
Jun-16 Rey Bango of ScriptJunkies

Orlando DotNetNuke ( http://orlando.dotnetnukeug.net )
Apr-05 Xmod - Advanced Template Handling with Darrell Hardy

Orlando Sharepoint User Group ( http://www.orlandosharepoint.com/Pages/Default.aspx )
Apr-06 How to Effectively Plan, Execute and Control SharePoint Projects with Dux Raymond

Orlando SQL Server Group ( http://orlando.sqlpass.org/ )
Apr-12 Steps, Best Practices & Considerations for Successful Data Conversions with Norman Bowen

South Florida Powershell ( http://www.flpsug.com )
Apr-14 Let's Talk About SQL PowerShell

Space Coast Dot Net User Group ( http://www.scdnug.org )
Jun-01 PLINQO - Advanced LINQ to SQL with Tom Dupont

North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida

Jacksonville Architecture SIG ( http://jaxarcsig.wordpress.com/ )
Apr-26 Haskell-A Perspective with Gábor Lipták

Jacksonville Developers User Group ( http://www.jaxdug.com )
Apr-07 Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-View Model) for WPF with Philip Japikse

Jacksonville SQL Server Users Group ( http://www.jssug.com )
Apr-30 Jacksonville SQL Saturday

Online :: Online :: Online :: Online :: Online

Orlando .NET User Group ( http://www.onetug.org )
Apr-07 Virtual Brown Bag - Claims-based Identity with Scott Densmore

Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle

Gulf Coast .NET Developer Group - Ft. Walton ( http://www.gulfcoastdotnet.org )
Apr-06 Implementing M-V-VM (Model-View-View Model) for WPF with Philip Japikse

Pensacola SQL Server ( http://pensacola.sqlpass.org )
Jun-04 SQL Saturday Pensacola

Tallahassee .NET UG ( http://capitalcitydotnet.net )
Apr-06 SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals- Philip Japikse
Apr-13 Geek Lunch
May-11 Geek Lunch
Jun-02 Attack of the Cloud with Tom DuPont
Jun-04 Tallahassee Azure Boot Camp
Jun-08 Geek Lunch

South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida

Deerfield Beach Coders Cafe ( http://www.fladotnet.com )
Apr-05 Mobile Marketing - Tag You're It! with Tracy Wittenkeller

Florida .NET - Miramar ( http://www.fladotnet.com )
May-10 TBA with Will Tartak

Florida .NET - West Palm Beach ( http://www.fladotnet.com )
Apr-26 NuGet for ASP.Net MVC and WebMatrix with Sam Abraham
May-24 Azure Storage with Scott Klein
Jun-28 Bing Maps on the Web with John Dunagan

Gold Coast .NET ( http://www.gcdotnet.com )
Apr-07 HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development by Joe Homnick
May-12 MVC, MVP and MVVM: A Comparison of Architectural Patterns by Joe Homnick
Jun-08 Azure - A Very Cool Feature Set TBA - Part Deux with Scott Klein

IASA South East Florida Chapter ( http://www.fladotnet.com )
Apr-19 IASA Board of Directors Meeting

Microsoft ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/events )
May-12 Microsoft WebCamp (Miami)

South Florida SQL Server ( http://www.sfssug.com )
Apr-27 Optimizer Details: How it works, How it is affected by statistics with Grant Fritchey (Miramar)
May-21 South Florida Geek Golf Tournament
May-25 tbd with Kendal Van *** (Miramar)
Jun-22 tbd with Brent Ozar (Miramar)
Jul-27 SQL Saturday Volunteer Meeting
Aug-13 South Florida SQL Saturday
Aug-24 tbd with Devin Knight (Miramar)

West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida

Internet Media User Group ( http://www.internetmug.org )
May-09 tbd
Jun-13 TBD

Microsoft ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/events )
May-11 Microsoft WebCamp (Tampa)

STAR Technology Enterprise Center ( http://tectalk.eventbrite.com/ )
Apr-12 Flat Was the New Growth during the Recession with Leisa Mohler Erickson

Tampa .NET Developers ( http://www.fladotnet.net )
Apr-21 TBD

Tampa Bay Architecture Special Interest Group ( http://tampabayiasa.eventbrite.com )
Apr-28 Fix the Arch Open Discussion
May-26 TBD

Tampa Bay Silverlight User Group ( http://tampaslug.net )
Apr-04 Intro to MVVM with Dana Stevens

Tampa Bay SQL Server Group ( http://www.tampasql.com )
Apr-19 Adopt, Discover, and Improve with Dmitri Korotkevitch

Tampa PowerShell User Group ( http://powershellgroup.org/tampa.fl )
Apr-14 PowerShell Back to Basics with Chad Miller

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