Microsoft Community Developer Events in Florida – 2010/03/07 and forward

Below is the list of Microsoft pro/positive events that I know about for the state of Florida in the Developer space from 3/7/2011 and forward.  Put here in the hopes of picking up new members and getting some recognition for the hard working user group leaders around here!

Enjoy.  List omissions in the comments!  Healy....

Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida :: Central Florida

Orlando .NET User Group ( )
   Mar-26 Orlando .NET CodeCamp
   Jun-16 Rey Bango of ScriptJunkies

Orlando DotNetNuke ( )
   Mar-08 Building a DotNetNuke Instant Install with Paul Scarlett

Orlando Sharepoint User Group ( )
   Apr-06 SharePoint Project Management with Dux Raymond
   Apr-06 How to Effectively Plan, Execute and Control SharePoint Projects with Dux Raymond

Orlando SQL Server Group ( )
   Mar-08 Transparent Data Encryption plus MVVM

Space Coast Dot Net User Group ( )
   Mar-16 Rey Bango on Rey Bango

Space Coast SQL Users Group ( )
   Mar-10 Set Theory with Clay Siefert

North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida :: North Florida

Jacksonville Architecture SIG ( )
   Mar-22 Introduction to Windows Identity Foundation with Keith Tingle
   Apr-26 Haskell-A Perspective with Gábor Lipták

Jacksonville Developers User Group ( )
   Mar-09 CSharp Intro Classes - Basic Web Programming

Jacksonville SQL Server Users Group ( )
   Mar-16 SQL Azure Database Coolness with Scott Klein

North Florida Dot Net ( )
   Mar-10 ASP.NET MVC in the Wild with Jonathan Bates

Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle :: Panhandle

Tallahassee .NET UG ( )
   Mar-09 Geek Lunch
   Apr-06 SOLID Development Patterns for Mere Mortals- Philip Japikse
   Apr-13 Geek Lunch
   May-11 Geek Lunch
   Jun-08 Geek Lunch

South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida :: South Florida

Florida .NET - Ft. Lauderdale ( )
   Mar-29 Microsoft Visual Studio Team Spring Tour - S. Laberee - P. Balasubramanian

Florida .NET - Miramar ( )
   Mar-08 Unified Web and Mobile Web Apps with Ivan Farkas
   Apr-12 Exploring Microsoft WebMatrix with Sam Abraham

Florida .NET - West Palm Beach ( )
   Mar-22 Introduction to SQL Server Statistics with Andy Warren
   Apr-26 Featuring Scott Klein on Scott Klein
   May-24 NuGet for ASP.NET MVC and WebMatrix with Sam Abraham
   Jun-28 Bing Maps on the Web with John Dunagan

Gold Coast .NET ( )
   Mar-10 SQL Reporting Services - To the Cloud and Beyond with Shervin Shakibi
   Apr-07 HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development by Joe Homnick
   May-12 MVC, MVP and MVVM: A Comparison of Architectural Patterns by Joe Homnick
   Jun-08 Azure - A Very Cool Feature Set TBA - Part Deux with Scott Klein

Miami User Group (GC) ( )
   Mar-30 Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Tips and Tricks by Visual Studio Programming Team Members

Microsoft ( )
   Mar-08 TechNet - Miami - Transforming IT with Cloud Computing
   Mar-10 TechNet - Tampa - Transforming IT with Cloud Computing

South Florida Silverlight User Group ( )
   Mar-17 Native Extensions for Silverlight with David Silverlight

South Florida SQL Server ( )
   Mar-09 (West Palm Beach) Migrating SSIS packages right now from 2005 to 2008 with David Cobb
   Mar-23 Intro to Data Mining with Mike Davis (Miramar)
   Apr-27 Optimizer Details: How it works, How it is affected by statistics with Grant Fritchey (Miramar)
   May-25 tbd with Kendal Van *** (Miramar)
   Jun-22 tbd with Brent Ozar (Miramar)
   Jul-27 SQL Saturday Volunteer Meeting
   Aug-24 tbd with Devin Knight (Miramar)

SouthWest Florida :: SouthWest Florida :: SouthWest Florida :: SouthWest Florida :: SouthWest Florida

SouthWest Florida .NET ( )
   Mar-10 SWFLPASS - SQLPASS Greatest Hits
   Mar-17 Bing Maps for the Web with John Dunagan

West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida :: West Central Florida

Internet Media User Group ( )
   Mar-14 tbd
   May-09 tbd
   Jun-13 TBD

Microsoft ( )
   Mar-28 Markus Egger - State of .NET

STAR Technology Enterprise Center ( )
   Mar-08 Delivering Innovative Products - From Research To Reality with Robert Brady

Tampa .NET Developers ( )
   Mar-22 Windows Phone 7 Development
   Apr-21 TBD

Tampa Bay Architecture Special Interest Group ( )
   Mar-31 "Fix the Architecture" Open Discussion
   Apr-28 Fix the Arch Open Discussion

Tampa Bay Silverlight User Group ( )
   Mar-07 Sharepoint 2010 and Silverlight 4 - Better Together with Brandon Kelly
   Apr-04 Intro to MVVM with Dana Stevens

Tampa Bay SQL Server Group ( )
   Mar-15 Cool stuff for SQL Azure with Scott Klein
   Apr-19 Adopt, Discover, and Improve with Dmitri Korotkevitch

Tampa PowerShell User Group ( )
   Mar-19 Tampa IT Camp

Comments (2)

  1. Jorge Segarra says:

    FYI, I'll be presenting for the Tallahassee SQL User Group tomorrow night 6:00pm

    -Jorge Segarra aka "SQLChicken"

  2. jhealy says:

    hey chicken, didn't even have that group in my list.  thanks alot sir!  will add it.  good luck with your talk.

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