Imagine Cup for High School and College Students – Call out to Florida to Step Up…..

Know some students in high school or college who love to code? Why not talk to them about the Imagine Cup?

The imagine cup is a contest where students compete in categoreis like gaming, IT and software design. They can be from high school or college. Regional winners get a trip to New York for the international finals. This is the first time the finals have been hosted in the USA so we're obviously excited. I'd love to see a Florida team there.  I'd REALLY love to see some Florida Dev Professionals mentoring up some teams.  C'mon folks.

Basically go to the Imagine Cup Website and figure out what category you want to compete in. Then form a team of up to 4 students, 16 and older. Find a teacher or local professional type to mentor you. Register your team then get to work. Create a project plan and build some code for round one. At that point, projects are reviewed, and round two can commence. Judges review your prototypes or plans, and decide who makes the final in April for the USA. Finalists from the USA round move on the finals in NYC in the sumer.

More info available at the Imagine Cup Website. If you're from Florida and are putting a team together I'd love to hear about it. If you're interested in mentoring a team, let me know as well and I'll match you with any Florida teams in your area looking for help.

STUDENTS - Ideas and hard work aren’t just one way to make a difference. They’re the only way -- Put your creativity to work at Imagine Cup, the world’s premier student technology competition. Form a team and roll up your sleeves to solve one of the world’s toughest problems. Win recognition, $25,000 in cash, free travel, and a chance to meet global technology leaders.

FACULTY - Mentor your students in Imagine Cup. The rewards are limitless -- Want to help your students achieve their academic goals? Want to challenge them with career-building experiences? Then volunteer to mentor them in Imagine Cup, the world’s premier student technology competition. They can earn recognition and rewards—and a chance to change the world.

ANYONE ELSE - Recognition, rewards, and solutions for the world -- Get involved with Imagine Cup and encourage innovation. Imagine Cup is not just the world’s premier student technology competition, it’s also a valuable spark that inspires the next generation of technology leaders. Students earn rewards, schools get recognition, and we all get a better world. Support Imagine Cup and light the fire!


Comments (5)

  1. Trevor Lowing says:

    I signed up to mentor on the Imagine Cup site last month but the site isn't too clear how you connect with teams to help.  I'm a recent FIT graduate so I could post to their CS Forum? Someone posted last August but not recently. Any thoughts?

  2. jhealy says:

    let me ping the academic team

  3. jhealy says:

    I’d encourage you to reach out to your school directly.  After Feb 15th we will see what teams want advisors. We will inform the teams that enter in Round 1 that they can request an Industry Advisor.   If they respond that they would like an Industry Advisor, we will review the list of potential advisors

  4. Mohan Nanduri says:

    I am with Microsoft Technologies alomost 2 decades, currently working with Carnival Cruise Lines in Mimi. If you have happend to find a Team of students with ideas I can mentor them to build  successfull projects. You can reach me

  5. Trevor Lowing says:

    I posted to the FIT CS forum and one person replied that he thought a team from Senior Projects was competing. I also passed along the Feb 15 date for assigning advisors.

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