Tallahassee .NET CodeCamp V this Saturday

As of this writing, the Tallahassee .NET CodeCamp V, being held this Saturday, October 23, is at 213 registrants. TLHCCV should be fantastic event with over 42 submitted sessions, and 32 speakers on the agenda. If you're interested in a fun time with some local speakers, go sign up at http://www.tallycodecamp.org  and I hope to see you Saturday.

Possible Sessions :: Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 by Chris Dietz ::  Battle of the Video Encoders by Russ Fustino ::  Caliburn Micro by Rob Eisenberg ::  Designing Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight by Jacob J. Sanford ::  Developing LOB applications in Silverlight by Greg Leonardo ::  Developing sample stock quoting app for Windows 7 Phone by john mcfetridge ::  Entity Framework in practice by Steve Brailsford ::  Fluent Interfaces as Internal DSLs in C# and Visual Basic .NET by Jay Hill ::  Getting Started with Entity Framework 4 by Sven Aelterman ::  Hosting Workflow Services Within Windows AppFabric by Bayer White ::  HTML5 and CSS3: The Future of the Web by Jacob J. Sanford ::  InfoPath 2010 by John McCaffrey ::  Intro to Functional Programming by Patrick Robbins ::  Intro to Silverlight Development for Windows Phone 7 by Jay Kimble ::  Introduction to ASP.NET Dynamic Data by Oleg Sych ::  Introduction to OOP in C# by Thomas Vanderhoof ::  Introduction to XNA for Windows Phone 7 by Bill Reiss ::  jQuery in SharePoint 2010 by David Rider ::  Light Switch by Jim Derrickson ::  Linq 4.0 by Greg Leonardo ::  Office 2010 Integration: Excel by Dominic McAllister ::  O-no you didn't-Auth by Ricky Smith ::  Overview of SharePoint 2010 by Jamey Baxter ::  Reactive Extensions for WIndows Phone 7 and the .Net Framework by Eugene Chuvyrov ::  Real World Azure by Mark Alexander ::  Refactoring to IoC by Sean Chambers ::  SharePoint Branding (2007/2010) Tips and Tricks by Jose Fuentes ::  SharePoint Designer 2010 by Kristopher MTS Baker ::  SharePoint Experts Panel by Jacob J. Sanford ::  Silverlight Animations 101 by Henry Lee ::  Silverlight To Windows Phone 7 by Henry Lee ::  Silverlight WCF Ria services by john mcfetridge ::  Tables, Queues and Blobs Oh My! by Steven Lane ::  The Evolution of Software Development by Sean Chambers ::  UML Modeling and Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010 by Oleg Sych ::  Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 by Kristopher MTS Baker ::  Walking into the Cloud - An Introduction by Steven Lane ::  Web Design Best Practices by Jacob J. Sanford ::  Where the heck am I anyway? by Kelvin J. McDaniel ::  Windows Phone 7 Design, Monetization and Open Panel Discussion by Nikita Polyakov ::  Windows Phone 7 Overview by Joe Healy ::  Writing Maintainable Code by Saqib Rokadia

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