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I’m Joe Healy, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist.  I cover the state of Florida plus some other stuff for Microsoft.  Obviously, this is my new MSDN blog. 

What’s “devfish”?  Well, to be honest I ripped off Harry Pierson ( http://www.devhawk.net ) back in the day on personal “branding”.  Loved his logo and website and copied it.  Ran http://www.devfish.net , and still do.  One ugly website that will be overhauled one day. 

So DevFish means - I love software dev, I love fishing. 

Thus devfish. And my logo .... >««(o>... which is ASCII.  Which means you can sneak it onto a Microsoft business card.  Woops, did I say that. 

DevHawk begat DevFish begat DevHammer and DevTheologian.  Somewhere along the way DevCow said something about us ripping him off but we had the internet url registration dates to prove we were first with the dev-thing.

So what you expect from this blog?

Lots of community news.  I’m pretty proud of some of the software development and user group activities that go on in my turf.  We have awesome people in Florida, doing some great things, and I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Technology bits. I have a very pragmatic view of technology.  I always strive to take a shortest route, find the least stress way, and try and explain things just a little bit better when they are muddy.  Look for me to do series such as “rigging up” aka taking something and figure out how to use it, “opening the tacklebox on” aka exploring new tech at 100-200 levels, and some video streams and such.

Pass-alongs.  I’m frequently asked to pass along to my community goodies from my peers.  I haven’t been doing a good job with this, so watch for them here.

I’m still ironing out this community server thing, expect to see incremental improvements in the look and feel here.  I wanted to go ahead and post it up so I can start helping my community just a little more via the online.

Looking forward to some dialogs with ya’ll.  If you fish, you understand tight lines.  In tech, you’ve got to keep a tight line on the tech, its wild out here.  Find something you love and Carpe Diem.


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