Cannon P.I. hits the screens

Hi there This is a teaser video for a series of videos that the Microsoft Web Platform team are putting together. If you remember the TV show Magnum P.I., you will love this. Have a look at the first episode: To Catch An Eagle – The Secret Platform. Enjoy.  David 26-Aug-2009: Added link to first episode video…


How to Play a Sound File with Dexterity

This is really an extension of the blog article that David Musgrave wrote VBA – Welcome to Dynamics Example, but instead of using VBA to play the sound file, we are using Dexterity. The same method is called in the winmm.dll, but this is just the Dexterity way to do it. I didn’t include trigger…


The Language of Dynamics (GP Dialect)

Doug Pitcher on the Rose Business Solutions Blog is keeping us amused again with his glossary of Microsoft Dynamics terms, abbreviations, acronyms and names. Have a look at his Dynamics as a Second Language post to see what I am talking about. If you have other terms, TLAs*, ETLAs**, VETLAs*** or names to add to his post, just add a comment….


The term "Musgravion" and Wikipedia

Doug Pitcher on the Rose Business Solutions Blog had me laughing with his post The famous David Musgrave. He has coined the term “Musgravion” to mean followers of my opinions and ways. This came about primarily because of my dislike (read as hate) of shared customisation dictionaries (reports.dic, forms.dic etc) and my comment on his…


Dexterity’s Hidden About Window

Dexterity has a long development history, dating back to the late 1980’s.  There were many people involved in the design, development, testing and documentation of Dexterity.  If you want to see some of these names, you can use a little bit of code to open the Hidden_About form in the Dex.dic dictionary.  The Dex.dic is…


April Fool’s Post

Hi everyone. To avoid any further confusion I have removed both the April Fool’s joke post and the follow up post from the blog. For those who want to see them, the two posts in PDF format are attached to the bottom of this post. David April Fool’s


Unexpected Hidden Talents – A new cake added

If you have not already seen my previous post on my hidden talent, now is an opportunity have have a look. Last week it was the birthday of my younger son, Rohan, and my wife, Jennifer, and I made a birthday cake for him.  As he has been learning music on the piano, we decided to make…


Great Plains Historical Timeline

A little while ago I was sent a document which has the release dates for every release of Great Plains/Microsoft Dynamics GP from version 1.0 to the current version GP 2013 R2 (v12.0). I thought it would be a fun exercise to post a summary of this timeline so you can get an idea of…


Farewell and Good Luck to The Fabulous Matt G

I have been involved with Great Plains (the product and company) since 1994 and during that time there has been one person in the Fargo Great Plains organisation who has always been there to answer my questions. I could direct any question at him and he would answer it himself or find someone who could.  He…


Microsoft Research releases Songsmith

OK, this is not actually Microsoft Dynamics GP related, but it is great for a bit of harmless (and in my case … tuneless) fun. Songsmith is a bit like Karaoke in reverse. You sing the lyrics into a microphone and the software automatically generates the backing music in whatever style you want. If you want to know more…


Unexpected Hidden Talents – Decorating Cakes

I have been involved in the Great Plains world now since 1994.  During that time I have become known for my work with development techniques and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. While my passion for my work in the Asia Pacific Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team as an Escalation Engineer as well as products…


VBA – Welcome to Dynamics Example

For those of you who have been involved with the Great Plains product for a while, you will remember the “Welcome to Dynamics” wave that played when the application was launched. Well, if you want that functionality again, you can use VBA to add it back. Please see the GP Logos through the years posting for…