Keeping Word Templates in synch with Report Writer – Video

Hi,  I previously published an article on the blog on Keeping Word Templates in synch with Report Writer.  Now I have created a video that demonstrates how to do this. [View:] You can also view the the video on YouTube published by msdyncomm. Dave  15-Feb-2013: Fixed broken Links to Video and YouTube Channel.


Word Template Debugging – Video

Hi, I previously published an article about Debugging Word Templates on this blog. Now I have created a video that demonstrates how to add the debugging and what you get for results. [View:] You can also view the the video on YouTube published by msdyncomm. Dave 05-Mar-2014: Fix Link to Video because it was moved.

Keeping Word Templates in synch with Report Writer

If you are working with a specific report in report writer, and you are also using a word template to print the report, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the report writer fields have to be in synch with the content controls on the word template.  If they are not…


Word Templates will not print to screen

A common scenario that has been happening more and more is that a customer is trying to print out a word template just to the screen and the template won’t print.  You will get a window called “Report Processing Status” and the report will be there and it will list a status of “In Progress” and…


Word Template Debugging

Recently, I have been looking a lot of Word Template cases – I’m the primary Escalation Engineer on that feature.  Since Word Templates are new to GP 2010, I want to get some blog articles written on some of the common issues we are running into.  So this will probably be a series of Word Template…


Safepay Integration

Recently, I have been getting a lot of customization requests for Safepay, specifically, adding information into the detail line in the safepay file.  Safepay customizations like that are pretty much all the same thing, no matter what field you want to add, so I figured I would share my integration point and how to handle…


Trouble with pass through sanScript

Here is another post about an interesting support incident.  I kind of like sharing these interesting cases with you in this format, so I think I will try to keep doing that. I hope you enjoy these cases. This case came in as a problem when running pass through sanScript.  The error that was coming back was basically…


Dexterity Chunk file wouldn’t merge

This blog post is about a Dexterity support incident that I recently had that ended up to be more difficult than I originally thought.  This one should have been easy, when a chunk doesn’t merge, it’s usually always easy.  Except this case.  The background is the following.  A Dexterity incident came in and the issue…


VSTools Performance Issue

This blog post is about a difficult Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (VSTools) performance issue that I had on a citrix server environment.  What I’m going to do is list the symptoms that I received in the case and then the troubleshooting that we did to narrow down the situation and the results of…


How to modify the Safepay Transactions upload window to allow macros to run

The following is a situation that I have come across a couple of different times.  What people want to do is set up a macro to run at night to generate their Safepay EFT file.  They want to just set it up to run every night whether there are transactions to process or not.  The…


How to access a Third Party Table Buffer on a Cross Dictionary Procedure Trigger

This particular situation has come up in a number of support incidents and I also run into this myself on occasion.  The situation is that you have a cross dictionary procedure or function trigger on a script and one of the parameters is a third party table buffer.  According to KB Article 861788 


Adding AutoComplete Items with Dexterity

This is a quick and easy way to add items to the AutoComplete list for a field.  I’m talking specifically about the AutoComplete property on a field.  In this case, the customer didn’t want to use the lookup window to select an existing item number, they wanted it to be in the AutoComplete list.  The…


How to Play a Sound File with Dexterity

This is really an extension of the blog article that David Musgrave wrote VBA – Welcome to Dynamics Example, but instead of using VBA to play the sound file, we are using Dexterity. The same method is called in the winmm.dll, but this is just the Dexterity way to do it. I didn’t include trigger…


How to read your own config file with a VSTools Application

This article is a result of a couple of recent support incidents where developers would like to read a config from from a Visual Studio Tools (VSTools) addin. VSTools is a special situation because for one, it is a dll, not an exe, and second it only runs if GP is running. VSTools can automatically…


Unhandled Script Exception: Attempt to use old()/diff() from a field that does not have focus.

A common situation that can happen when coding with Dexterity is an error that you attempted to use the old()/diff() function from a field that doesn’t have focus. The exact error message is as follows: Unhandled Script Exception: Attempt to use old()/diff() from a field that does not have focus. This situation can arise when…