Accessing a Table Buffer when it is not passed as a parameter

This post is a follow up to the previous posts on the Three Trigger Technique. If you have not read the posts explaining this technique, please use the links below: Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 1 Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 2 The idea of the three trigger technique is to…


What does Option Explicit do in VBA?

My colleague asked me for assistance with a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) case yesterday. The VBA code was being used to customise a report and use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to read a value from the SQL Server data and display it on the report.  The code was similar to the examples in the…


Dexterity Pragma Pre-compiler directives

Most Dexterity developers would have seen the pragma(disable warning LiteralStringUsed) command used at some stage to avoid literal string warnings when hard coded strings are needed as part of a script. This can often be the case when building SQL where clauses or pass through SQL, sanScript or macro code.  However this is only one…

How to access a Third Party Table Buffer on a Cross Dictionary Procedure Trigger

This particular situation has come up in a number of support incidents and I also run into this myself on occasion.  The situation is that you have a cross dictionary procedure or function trigger on a script and one of the parameters is a third party table buffer.  According to KB Article 861788 


Opening a Form after Logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP

As a follow on from the post last week on capturing the logging in and logging out events in Microsoft Dynamics GP, I want to cover how to open a form after logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This could be a hidden form used by your code or a window that you want to open automatically….


Running Dexterity scripts after Login or before Logout

A while back I did a post on running Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts when logging into and out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Recently, I was asked about the best method of capturing the same events from Dexterity. I have seen developers use triggers after the ‘OK Button’ of window ‘Switch Company’ of form…


Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 2

In the previous part of this post we discussed the theory of the Three Trigger Technique and the details of a problem that was solved using this technique. This post will cover the actual solution used and has the scripts used so you can see the techniques in action. The Solution Before we can look at…


Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 1

When working with Dexterity triggers, the hardest part of the process is working out where to place the triggers. There are times where it seems impossible to get the trigger you need in the correct location. This post explains the concept of what I call the Three Trigger Technique. The technique involves using a trigger…


Working with Unrestricted Database Triggers

I recently responded on a Newsgroup posting where the developer was wanting to identify a table delete event from a particular form.  However, the delete event was happening in a function or procedure that did not pass a form’s table buffer as a parameter and so did not use a form level table buffer belonging to any form….

How to write Dexterity source which behaves differently for different versions

As a developer there are often times when I need to write and maintain code which works for multiple versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  A great example of this is the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This tool has been written for versions 8.00, 9.00 & 10.00 and will be maintained for all…

Using an Index File with Dexterity Source Code Control

While many Dexterity developers are now using Source Code Control (usually with Microsoft Visual Source Safe), there are a number of developers that did not know that an index file should always be used with Source Code Control. This post explains how Microsoft Dynamics GP developers can use an Index File with Dexterity Source Code Control…


How to Set the Tab Sequence

The following article describes the methods for setting up the tab sequence for fields in a window using Dexterity or Modifier.  It also provides methods for handling overlaid fields such as radio buttons. Before we start setting the tab sequence we need to do a little preparation first: For any field that is non editable,…


Dex – How to get started with Dexterity

Something I am often asked is how to get started with Dexterity.  As Dexterity is not really known outside of the Microsoft Dynamics GP world, there are not a large number of books available on the subject, like there are for Visual Basic or Visual C#. Note: if you are still unsure about which tool or…


Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development

Back in 1998, when I was working with Sequel Technology (the Western Australian partner for Great Plains), we were implementing Great Plains Dynamics 4.0 for a couple of sites and were using add-on products for Service Management and Job Costing. My business partner at the time (who did the sales) understood that Dexterity applications could be…