Display Specific Line in Sales Order Processing

This will be a 2-for-1 post today as the example given solves a frequently asked question and was used to solve a customer issue. The question I’ve seen a number of times before and been meaning to write about is: “How can I fill the Sales Order Processing scrolling window to a specific line?”.  With Dexterity…


Using SQL DB Update Trigger With Text Fields

An ISV had a goal of creating an audit table of the Dynamics record notes table – SY03900 – but was running into an issue. He mentioned that he was using an “instead of update” SQL trigger and not just a normal “update” trigger.  The specific issue was that while his audit table was being…


Limitations of Dexterity Table Triggers

“Why doesn’t my Dexterity table trigger fire when the table is changed.” I have heard this question asked a number of times and so I thought I would highlight some of the possible reasons for the trigger failing to fire.  Some of the reasons can be resolved by coding, while other reasons are a limitation in…


Filtering eConnect Requester data

I wanted to tell you about a recent case I had where the Partner was trying to restrict the Microsoft Dynamics GP data they had selected with the eConnect Requester Setup Tool. They were first importing some of their Sales Orders from an external system into GP with eConnect.  Then when they fulfilled and shipped the…


Accessing a Table Buffer when it is not passed as a parameter

This post is a follow up to the previous posts on the Three Trigger Technique. If you have not read the posts explaining this technique, please use the links below: Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 1 Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 2 The idea of the three trigger technique is to…


Understanding Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development

A recent newsgroup post has raised the question of whether it is possible to customise an alternate form using Dexterity.  This is covered on my earlier blog post: Can I customise a 3rd party form with Dexterity? However, I thought I would try and clarify what can be achieved with Dexterity for each of the different situations….


Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 2

In the previous part of this post we discussed the theory of the Three Trigger Technique and the details of a problem that was solved using this technique. This post will cover the actual solution used and has the scripts used so you can see the techniques in action. The Solution Before we can look at…


Using the Dexterity Three Trigger Technique Part 1

When working with Dexterity triggers, the hardest part of the process is working out where to place the triggers. There are times where it seems impossible to get the trigger you need in the correct location. This post explains the concept of what I call the Three Trigger Technique. The technique involves using a trigger…


Working with Unrestricted Database Triggers

I recently responded on a Newsgroup posting where the developer was wanting to identify a table delete event from a particular form.  However, the delete event was happening in a function or procedure that did not pass a form’s table buffer as a parameter and so did not use a form level table buffer belonging to any form….


Dex – Working with the Action Button on the SOP_Entry form

Time to get into some Dexterity code. I saw a posting today on the Microsoft Dynamics GP community forum.  It was asking about the disappearance of the Void Button from the SOP_Entry form and how to work with the new Action Button. In v9.0 and earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, each action had its own…