SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta

I am pleased to announce that SnapShot for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta is available. If you have not heard of SnapShot before, have a look at the previous post about this handy free tool. SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP NOTE: SnapShot is not an officially released tool and is not supported.  It is…


How to transfer Security Tasks and Roles between Systems

From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Level Security Series. With the change from the optimistic user and class based security model in Microsoft Dynamics GP v9.0 (and v8.0) to the pessimistic role and task base security model in Microsoft Dynamics GP v10.0, a question that is often asked is how can security settings be transferred between a test and…


Finding Table and Field Information in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This is an updated version of an article I wrote a while back for the Microsoft Dynamics GP community website.  The links to the original article, as well as the associated Knowledge Base (KB) article are provided at the bottom of this post. The idea was to provide as many tools and techniques as possible to help people…


SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Not long after I joined Microsoft in May 2001, I found myself working as part of a global development team for Asia Pacific. The team was based in Manila in the Philippines and was involved in a regional research project to check the feasibility of releasing a version of Great Plains eEnterprise v6.0 for China….

Dexterity Samples

This page contains a summary list of the Dexterity samples that have been posted. Official Samples from CustomerSource/PartnerSource Sample Applications for Dexterity 8.0  (CustomerSource)Sample Applications for Dexterity 8.0  (PartnerSource) Sample Applications for Dexterity 9.0  (CustomerSource)Sample Applications for Dexterity 9.0  (PartnerSource) Sample Applications for Dexterity 10.0  (CustomerSource)Sample Applications for Dexterity 10.0  (PartnerSource) Microsoft Dexterity 10.0 Sample Applications Dexterity Samples for Microsoft Dynamics GP…