Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015

Kevin Racer - Click for blog homepageMicrosoft is pleased to announce the availability of the developer preview for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  This partner only preview is available to any registered Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and can be downloaded from PartnerSource.  The preview itself is comprised of four parts that once downloaded can be extracted into a single virtual machine instance containing a fully functional installation of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture (SBA).  Information on using the virtual machine can be found in the attached readme document (at bottom of article).
The preview is intended to promote the exploration and early adoption of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture by partners and ISV developers and cannot be used for customer test or production environments.  The Service Based Architecture is a set of new component services as well as changes to the Dexterity IDE and runtime that enables the creation of REST based web service operations that leverage existing sanScript code based functionality.  The Dexterity IDE has also been significantly enhanced to interoperate with Microsoft's .NET framework making it easier to use .NET classes and objects with in the sanScript language.  Users of the preview are encouraged to regularly check our blogs for updates and informational examples on this new architecture.


Part 1

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part1.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 2

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part2.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 3

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part3.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 4

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part4.rar
File Size 1084807 KB


Don't forget to download the Readme document attached to the bottom of this article.


Please post your feedback as comments on the blog. 

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Comments (13)

  1. michael says:

    the links don't appear to be working

  2. David Musgrave says:


    I think the links work, but you might find that the File Exchange plugin is failing to start. Have you tried from another machine?


  3. NerdBoyJoe says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for providing the developer preview. Do you have any examples of how to connect to the web services from a Java client? In particular, I'm interested in the NTLM authentication code.

  4. NerdBoyJoe says:

    If the web service returns a status code of 500 (internal error), how can I find out what the error is? I can't find anything in the Event Viewer and I cannot find any log files in the file system. Does the web services log information anywhere?

  5. Kevin Racer says:

    There are three logs you can look to for information on requests that fail, the GP Service log, Dexterity Service Log and the Request Log.  All logs are located in ProgramDataMicrosoft DynamicsGPSvcLogs. The Dexterity Service log will tell you if the request made it to the Dexterity instance and is in the Inst_DefaultInstanceDexterityService directory. All requests tie together with a correlation ID.

  6. NerdBoyJoe says:

    Thanks Kevin! I found the error in this log:

    C:ProgramDataMicrosoft DynamicsGPSvcLogsGPServiceGPService_Error.log

    Just in case others have the same issue, here's the details from the log:

    2014-09-10_08:44:57.135 (E) –> NonFatalError :: Context:[Forwarding Exception], Content:[System.FormatException: The format of value '*; q=.2, */*; q=.2' is invalid.

      at System.Net.Http.Headers.HttpHeaderParser.ParseValue(String value, Object storeValue, Int32& index)

      at System.Net.Http.Headers.HttpHeaders.ParseAndAddValue(String name, HeaderStoreItemInfo info, String value)

      at System.Net.Http.Headers.HttpHeaders.Add(String name, String value)

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Svc.GPService.WCF.WebContextHelper.CopyIncomingHeadersToNewRequest(IncomingWebRequestContext context, HttpRequestMessage request) in c:depotstfsGP14.0SourceGPSvcMicrosoft.Dynamics.GP.Svc.GPServiceWCFWebContextHelper.cs:line 51

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Svc.GPService.Forwarding.RequestRouter.<HandleRequest>d__1.MoveNext() in c:depotstfsGP14.0SourceGPSvcMicrosoft.Dynamics.GP.Svc.GPServiceForwardingRequestRouter.cs:line 79]

    2014-09-10_08:44:57.135 (E) –> RequestInternalError :: CorrelationId:[61c37ae836a542dbb822abf3779d2168], Message:[No Hosts Available :: Tenant:[DefaultTenant]]

    2014-09-10_08:44:57.135 (E) –> RequestError :: CorrelationId:[61c37ae836a542dbb822abf3779d2168], Code:[500], Message:[CID:[61c37ae836a542dbb822abf3779d2168], Code:[500], Ex:[No hosts were available to service the request.]]

    It seems that the web service does not like the default Accept header that java attached to the request:

    Accept: text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; q=.2

    When I send from a web browser instead of java, the only difference is the Accept header and I don't get errors. Here's the Accept header that the browser sends:

    Accept: */*

    So it seems that I just need to change the Accept header that java sends? I will try that.

  7. NerdBoyJoe says:

    Yup, that worked. Here's the code to fix the error with the Accept header:

    HttpURLConnection conn;

    //…other code goes here

    conn.setRequestProperty("Accept", "*/*");

  8. Jas says:

    We are trying to dag the Dex Dictionary (GP 2015 Dex Next) which has service procedure. The dag is failing with the message "No DotNet type provided in Metadata for object "inout<0>1" of global script ….

    Any one know why we are getting that message? It compiles fine and the .NET assemblies used are added to library of dictionary

  9. Jas says:

    actually it worked by using correct dag.exe from dexterity folder

  10. Emily says:

    We are trying to see what happens with our product dictionary and Dex 14.0 but the hyper-v demo machine cannot see the server we've got vss on.  It gives a socket error 11001.

    Is there someplace I can download the beta/preview Dex14.0 from?

    Thank you!

  11. Nikos says:

    Does GP 2015 actively exploit SQL AlwaysOn as a feature, or just passively sit on top of it (as with Team Foundation Server and GP 2013 do)?

    I'm hoping that Microsoft products become AlwaysOn "aware" at some point, and have functionality added to them to actively use the feature, rather than passively benefiting from the HA it provides at the database layer.

    Has anything been added to GP 2015 in that regard?

  12. Jesus Reyes says:

    En principio me parece excelente la idea de que MS proporcione esta herramienta para los desarrolladores e implementadores.
    Yo en estos momentos estoy tratando de instalarla.

    Un poco después los retroalimento de mis resultados.

    Saludos cordiales a todos los involucrados.

    1. Hi Jesus

      This preview is now out of date as Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 was released at the beginning of the May 2016.


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