How to pass parameters to custom SSRS reports activated to print from the Dynamics GP windows

Viswanathan Neelakantan - Click for blog homepageRecently there was a question on the forums regarding passing parameters to custom SSRS reports assigned to Dynamics GP windows.

In Dynamics GP 2013, SSRS reports can be printed directly from Forms. Each window will pass a default set of parameters to the assigned reports.

For an example from the Customer Master the ‘Customer Number’ will be passed as a parameter. When the assigned SSRS report is selected to print, Dexterity will build the URL for the report and assign the parameter value (Customer Number) passed from the window to the SSRS Report. In the case of custom SSRS reports to have the parameter values getting passed from the Dynamics GP windows, the Parameter(s) name should exactly match with the Parameter(s) name passed from the window.

For an example: if you have a custom SSRS report which accepts SOP Number and SOP Type as a parameter. The Parameter names in the SSRS report should be SOPNUMBE and SOPTYPE for SOP Number and SOP Type respectively.

Once you specify the Parameter Names correctly, the Dexterity code will build the URL and assign the parameter values from the window.

In the next post we will see how it can be customized if we want to pass custom parameters.

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Comments (9)

  1. Makolyte says:

    SSRS reports can be ran using the run report keywords in Dex?

  2. Viswanathan Neelakantan says:


    No SSRS reports can't be run using the "run report" keyword. In the next article I will walkthrough how SSRS reports can be called from dex using Sanscript.


  3. Joel Rodencal says:

    How can one find out what Parameters are possible to pass from each window in GP for these SSRS reports.



  4. Viswanathan Neelakantan says:


    Dynamics GP out of the box passes parameters related to the primary keys of the table associated with the form to the report.  

    If you want to pass a different set of parameters other than the default ones from the window you may need to customize the SSRS printing logic of Dynamics GP.

    I will be posting an article covering that here.

    Based on the filtering you have designed for the SSRS Report, you can pass any filed values from the window.



    1. Neil Palmer says:


      I am trying to print a custom SSRS reports from the Receivings Transaction Entry. As a parameter in my SSSR report I have a parameter called poprctnm of type Text with parameter visibility set as hidden.
      The primary key of the POp10300 table is poprctnm.
      When I try run the assigned report from GP I get an error “The ‘poprctnm’ parameter is missing a value”

      Any ideas please.
      Thank you

  5. Joel Rodencal says:


    Thanks for the response, exactly what I was looking for.  Looking forward to seeing your next article.



  6. Charles Allen says:

    This is really great.  Thank you for writing the article.

  7. Clay Fraser says:

    Hi Viswa,

    Thanks for posting this. I am really curious how to pass other parameters from the GP windows (other than the defaults).

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