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David Meego - Click for blog homepageWith the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has a new Windows Everywhere campaign to promote Windows to provide one experience on every device for everything in your life.

The first video is an Australian version of the second video. It definitely works better to have a local accent when running adverts on TV. 


Windows 8.1 Everywhere (Australia) (direct link)



Windows 8.1 Everywhere (USA) (direct link)



Windows Everywhere: Office (direct link)



Windows Everywhere - Bing Smart Search (direct link)





Comments (2)

  1. Beat BUCHER says:

    So is your new Surface 2 already sporting 8.1 ? 🙂

  2. Hi Beat

    My old Surface Pro device was updated to Windows 8.1 on the day it was released…/windows-8-1-released-and-available-for-download.aspx

    It synchronised all its settings and apps and start page layout, etc. to the cloud.

    So when my new Surface Pro 2 arrived with Windows 8.1 installed and I did the initial setup and logged in with my Microsoft Account., all my settings and apps and start page layout etc. just appeared on the new machine. Very cool.

    I still had to set up the desktop apps, such as Office 2013, SQL Server, IIS and Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 with web client.

    A few hours later and my Surface Pro 2 was set up to match my old machine and all my personal data copied across.

    I then factory reset the Surface Pro (back to Windows 8) and let it install some 157 windows updates, then I re-upgraded to Windows 8.1 and handed it over to my son.


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