Quick Tip: Where does that customisation come from?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI was recently asked about a custom button that was added to a window and how to change the internet URL that the button opened when it was closed. I was not provided with any other information or screenshots.

The answer to the question is that the method to change the URL depends on what tool was used to create the custom button.

So this article provides a quick way to work out how the button was created and where you should be able to find the customisation.

To modify the Microsoft Dynamics GP user interface you have three techniques: Dexterity, Modifier & VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and Modifier & Visual Studio Tools.

The best place to start is to look in the Security system at the Alternate Modified Forms and Reports ID and locate the window in question.

  • If it is an Alternate window, then the customisation is Dexterity based and you can look in the Dynamics.set launch file to find the dictionary.
  • If it is a Modified window and has dots before and after on the window title, then the customisation is Modifier & VBA based and you can look at Customisation Maintenance to locate it.
  • If it is a Modified window and only has one dot before, then the customisation is probably Modifier & Visual Studio Tools based and you can look at Customisation Maintenance to find the modified window and in the Addins folder to find the code in a custom dll.

Note: A dot before the Window Title indicates that it is a modified version of the window. A dot after the Window Title indicates that the window has VBA code attached to it.

Hopefully, this quick tip is useful.


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