April Fool: The First day of the month April will now be April 2nd

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYes, I am sorry to report that due to the global political correctness movement and the general lack of a sense of humour, governments around the world have agreed to skip past the first of April in an effort to cancel April Fool's Day.

It is sad that the world has gone this way, but ever since the BBC told us about the 1957 Spaghetti Harvest (see video below), there has been a downward spiral of jokes played on the world by individuals and corporations.


The BBC even went as far as showing us the newly discovered colony of flying Penguins and then claimed that they were fake.


Also see the Making of Penguins video.

This spiralling of totally believable jokes catching out the gullible people of the world has resulted in the masses lobbying their governments to cancel the entire day and so today is now the second of April 2013.

Sadly, this means that I am now unable to play jokes on my readers (especially when the time zone difference catches people every year). For example, I have fond memories of the introduction of Dexterity.Net, Microsoft Dynamics GP for Macintosh and the resurgence of the Ctree Database platform and who can forget the fact that I am not moving to Fargo.

Please remember that the last day of April is now the 31st April 2013.


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  1. Sivakumar V says:

    It's amazing to see how you come up with new ideas every year!!! 😛

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