Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now available for download

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter just over two and half years, the day has finally arrived when the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP is made available for download.

Yes, that's correct, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available for download from PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

See the post on the Inside Dynamics GP blog for details:


The direct links to the download pages are below:

Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Secure Link (CustomerSource)

Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Secure Link (PartnerSource)


Make sure you look at the updated system requirements as well:

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Secure Link (CustomerSource)

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Secure Link (PartnerSource)

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Applications Secure Link (CustomerSource)

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Applications Secure Link (PartnerSource)

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Secure Link (CustomerSource)

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Secure Link (PartnerSource)


IMPORTANT: Please note that there is a new process for obtaining Registration Keys. This process is documented on the Product Release Download pages (links above). In summary, the Registration Keys for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 need to be requested and will not just be provided via CustomerSource as previous version's registration keys have been.


Check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product page as well as the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch Portal Secure Link on CustomerSource for more information.

Download and enjoy.


PS: A new Support Debugging Tool build and new Menus for Visual Studio Tools build will be available over the next few days.

Comments (14)

  1. David Musgrave says:

    Post from Kevin Machayya on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog…/microsoft-dynamics-gp-2013-is-now-available.aspx

  2. David Musgrave says:

    Post by Feradh Zain on Dynamics GP Middle East blog…/dynamics-gp-2013-released-today.html

  3. Richard says:

    Is there a upgrade path from GP 10 to GP 2013? And if so, is there a upgrade cost?

  4. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Richard

    There is always an upgrade path. 🙂

    For GP 10 you need to be on the latest Service Pack first. Exact details are posted on the Support and Services blog and on CustomerSource.

    As for costs… You need to be current on your annual enhancement plan to be able to obtain new registration keys from Microsoft.

    You also need to think about planning, test upgrades, customizations and third party products, infrastructure, consulting fees, etc. Please discuss with your partner.


  5. Ron McVicar says:

    Is there a technical demonstration or virtual machine for GP 2013 yet or planned?

  6. Ron,

    the Marketing Team is currently working on a Virtual Machine for demonstration use.  This virtual machine will be available only for partners and when available, posted on PartnerSource for download.


  7. David Musgrave says:

    Posting from Vaidy Mohan at Dynamics GP – Learn and Discuss…/microsoft-dynamics-gp-2013-rtm

  8. Back in December it was mentioned that  the Marketing Team was preparing a Virtual Machine for Demonstration of Dynamics GP 2013, The question is has this been completed and is it available to partners yet?

  9. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Ron

    The demonstration toolkit was recently announced:…/where-s-the-demo-image-here-today.aspx


  10. Leh Fabros says:

    Hi David,

    I'm currently testing Dynamics GP 2013 on SQL Server 2012 preparping for the Dynamics GP 2013 upgrades.

    I couldn't find a definitive answer to the question "does Dynamics GP 2013 supports SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn and/or High Availablity Groups"?

    Has this functionality been tested and confirmed as supported by Microsoft in case the infrastructure is proposed for future upgrades or new client?

  11. Hi Leh,

    the new HADRON feature of SQL 2012 is an improved version of clustering allowing you to define "high availability" groups across SQL Server instances in different locations.  From the Dynamics GP perspective, the same rules with clustering still apply and those are:

    1. Ensure that the ODBC DSN is connecting to the Virtual Network Name of the cluster and not the active (primary) node of SQL Server.

    2. Dynamics GP only supports and functions in a Active-Passive node only.  No updating, inserts or deletes of data on the secondary nodes can happen. Select functionality on the secondary nodes is allowable.

    3. As with any SQL enviroment, Dynamics GP contains two application required temp table that reside in TempDB (Dex_Lock and Dex_Session). Any time the SQL Server fails over, these objects will be recreated new the new, active SQL Server which may cause an interuption in client processing.

    4. As for supporting HADRON or the Dynamics GP development group testing against HADRON, we have not performed any additional test against this new SQL Server feature as the same clustering rules still apply. As for support for HADRON, questions regarding the setting up, configuration and use of this feature is supported by the SQL Server team, not the Dynamics GP support team.

    Hope this helps and thanks!


  12. Zahed says:

    I am looking for MS GP 10 client version, Please suggest link to download

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  14. Francis says:


    I owe a Paralegal Service business and we are expanding. I would like to know the prices of Great Plain and what it could do for my accounting department. Thanks in advance!


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