Are you using SkyDrive? If not…. why not?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIf you have a Microsoft Account... also known as, Microsoft passport; Windows Live ID, XBox Live ID, Live ID, or Zune ID; Hotmail or Live email account; Windows Messenger, MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger account.... you already have an account on

SkyDrive offers free online storage as well as access to the web based versions of the Microsoft Office applications. It has integrated support on Windows Phone devices and also has apps for other mobile devices and computers.

I will let Steven Sinofsky give you the full rundown in his post: Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the new SkyDrive.

However, I wanted to highlight two points:

  • There is now a really cool SkyDrive application for Windows, which allows the contents of a folder (and its subfolders) to be synchronised with SkyDrive. If you have more than one machine, you can have the contents of the folder automatically synchronised between systems. Make a change on one machine and it updates SkyDrive and then SkyDrive updates the other machines. Just awesome.  
    Note: This is similar to Live Mesh, but incorporated into your main SkyDrive storage and simpler to use.
    Watch the video below and then go download the SkyDrive app for your computer and/or device using the following link: SkyDrive Apps Download.

Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:
High quality MP4 | Lower quality MP4


  • The default storage size for the SkyDrive is dropping from 25GB to 7GB. However, if you are already a SkyDrive user and have uploaded files before 22nd April, for a limited time, you can opt in to keep your 25GB allowance. Note: If you were using more than 4GB as of 1st April, your allowance would already have been set to 25GB for you. For more information sign in here or view the FAQ.


For more information, here are those links again:


So, are you using SkyDrive? If not.... why not?


PS: Jivtesh Singh has also posted on the 25GB offer: Skydrive–25 GB free for existing users

Comments (3)

  1. Monette Vega Laylo says:

    I have been using Skydrive since 2009.

  2. EmilyH says:

    Hi David!

    …because I was having trouble finding up to date instructions to use it with IE8 a couple months ago; so wasn't sure if it had been discontinued.

    My desired use is very specific – password protected OneNote files that I can also download to my PC or external drive for those times when I cannot connect.  (No such thing here in WA, I know; but soon I will be in very rural parts of Minnesota! 🙂  Could not get this working between C: and E: and with the SkyDrive instructions mixed up, i dropped the whole thing. With imminent trip (May 16) I was going to search/post on MS forums for tips.



  3. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Emily

    OneNote has it's own synchronisation facility.  I think you could copy the file around easily enough.

    I have a OneNote file stored on Skydrive which is accessible from Windows Phone as well as my PC.


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