Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 64-bit Hyper-V (V2) includes Support Debugging Tool

David Meego - Click for blog homepageJust over a week ago Jay Manley from the Inside Dynamics GP blog announced the release of the Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Hyper-V Demo Toolkit - V2 !!!.

Please have a read of his post to get all the details of the changes and improvements made. There has been a big effort to make the Demo Toolkit's Hyper-V image even easier to use and more powerful with additional components added.

One thing that Jay's blog post fails to mention is that this latest image already has Build 16 of the Support Debugging Tool installed. I worked with Jay to organise access to the image as it was being created and installed the Support Debugging Tool.

Yes, you can now play with the Support Debugging Tool's features using the Demo Toolkit.

You can now demo features such as company colour themes or adding the Company ID and User ID to window titles using the toolkit. You can even demonstrate how easy it is to work with the Role and Task based security model once you have the Security Profiler and Security Information windows of the Support Debugging Tool.

If you want more reasons why you should be using the tool for all your workstations, see 21 Reasons why every workstation should have the Support Debugging Tool installed.


Also, John Dooley created a cool video which shows some of the other new features.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Demo Tool



To download the image files, please go to the PartnerSource link below:


Thanks to Jay Manley, John Dooley, Craig Crescas, Tom Higginbotham and everyone else involved for continuing the effort to provide the best sales tools ever for our partners.


PS: If you want to acknowledge my work in the community and the time and effort invested into the design, development, testing, documentation and support of the Support Debugging Tool, please feel free to vote for me in the Dynamics World's Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100 List for 2012. If you wish to vote for me or Pat, I am listed on page 2 and Pat is on page 6.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have been playing around with the new Hyper-Vs and noticed this. Fantastic!

    Also voted for you from the iPad, phone and PC, but there's somebody with a 1000 votes there !!!

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