Microsoft Convergence 2012 Houston – Getting Home

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Friday 23rd March 2012.... Time to fly home. This is going to be a short post for a long day.

After a little sleep in, I started the morning by posting a short blog post to let everyone know I was ok and still here.

Jennifer, her friend and I then went shopping to get some of the requests from family and some gifts to bring back with us. Once back at home we had to pack and find a way to bring everything to Perth. While the bags were heavier than when we left Australia, they did close and we did not need to use any additional bags.

We then headed out to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport to start the journey home. We got to see the bovine astronaut that Mariano saw on the way in. 

David and Jennifer at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston

We flew from Houston to Los Angeles. Boring, eh? Well so was the flight.

In the Club Lounge at Los Angeles I confimed my geekdom again. There was a guy with one of those gorgeous Asus UX21e ultrabooks, so I asked him how it was working for him. He said fine, but the wireless networking was not working. He said that the hotel staff and an external IT guy had looked at it and could not get it working. I introduced myself as a Microsoft Support Engineer and asked if I could have a look. I looked at the Network and Sharing Center to see that there were no network devices available. Next I checked the Device Manager to see an unknown network device with no drivers installed. I used my laptop to go to the Asus website and download the driver, transferred it to the ultrabook using a USB drive, installed it and voila.... Network fixed. Obviously the IT guy was not very good. The owner of the ultrabook was very happy.

We then flew from Los Angeles to Brisbane and Brisbane to Perth. After leaving Houston at 8:00pm on Friday (local time) we arrived in at 12:00pm on Sunday (local time). That's about 27 hours elapsed time. One of the shorter journeys I have completed when going to US conferences.

Boy it was nice to be home... the only downside was the reverse jet lag and trying to get back into the correct time zone.

Till next conference....


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