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Ok, I do suffer from jet lag.

I used to say that I don't suffer from jet lag because as a developer I work all hours and don't have a body clock to mess up. Well, as I get older and have been doing less all nighters (they are anti social when you have a family), I think I have to admit that jet lag gets me. Not only is it tiring to fly long distances and multiple flights, but the 13 hour time difference between Perth and Houston means that I am awake when I want to sleep and asleep when I am meant to be awake.

This is one of the reasons that I always fly in a couple of days early. I need a little time to settle in and get my body clock shifted.

Anyhow, I have had a little time to go around the downtown area of Houston and have a look at the George R Brown Convention Centre. The building already has the Microsoft Dynamics and Convergence 2012 banners displayed. Thanks to Pam on the Inside Dynamics GP blog we now have an interactive map of the exhibition hall at the centre.

George R Brown Convention Centre showing the Microsoft Dynamics and Convergence 2012 banners

We also walked about the Discovery Green Park which is next to both the Hilton Americas hotel and the Convention Centre.

Hilton Americas hotel as viewed from the Discovery Green Park

The park is a nice place to relax with many interesting features and a couple of places to eat. Last night Jennifer and I ate at The Grove which was very pleasant, good food and great company. After dinner as we walked back to the hotel, we tried out the listening domes in the park.

Jennifer at one end of the listening domes 

This morning we noticed the staff in the hotel now have Convergence badges and wrist bands. Juan at the Cafe was kind enough to pose for us.

Juan at the Cafe showing off his Microsoft and Convergence branding 

Looking forward to see all y'all all (corrected... thanks Mariano) (that's the plural of y'all).


Comments (3)

  1. mgomezb says:

    The correct expression would be "all y'all" 🙂 You're getting there.

  2. Hi David,

    Nice to see that you crossed the big lake safely with your wife. Can't wait to be there tomorrow night :-). Will arrive around 9PM at the Hilton…

  3. Virginia Mort says:

    And………….   You have gone quiet .  We want to hear the news. 🙂

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