Microsoft Convergence 2012 Houston – Getting There

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Howdy y'all from Houston, Texas, USA.

After setting out on Sunday, Jennifer and I have finally arrived safely in Houston. Before you start trying to work out how many hours we were travelling, I will have to admit to stopping for a few days in Sydney.

I have been asking Jennifer for a number of years to accompany me on one of my trips to conferences in the USA. The answer has always been that it would be too hard to organise for the kids and dog to be looked after and for her to get time off her fitness instructor work. This time when I asked and mentioned that the destination was Houston (the same city where one of her best friends lives) for some reason the answer was "yes".

Usually, flying with Qantas from Perth to the USA means passing through Sydney. So when I mentioned that we would be transiting in Sydney (where her sister lives) for an hour or so, Jennifer said that we would have to spend more time in Sydney.

So, after Jennifer completed the 1000 piece puzzle of a leopard given to us by Jivtesh Singh MVP (who now lives in Perth), we were all clear to pack and fly from Perth (PER) to Sydney (SYD) on Sunday.

Thanks for the late nights, Jivtesh 🙂

After I spent Monday and Tuesday in the Microsoft office in Sydney (and Jennifer spent two days with her sister), we flew on Wednesday from Sydney (SYD) to Dallas (DFW). The flight itself was uneventful and quite comfortable, especially because we were upgraded to sit in premium economy seats. The fun fact is that we left Sydney at 14:40 and arrived in Dallas at 13:50 on the same day. Arriving on the other side of the world before you leave.... I love time travel.

Once we got to Dallas and queued for passport control, queued for baggage claim, queued for customs, queued for bag drop off, queued to get a boarding pass, queued for security, we finally queued to board the short flight to Houston.

Approaching Houston

The flight from Dallas to Houston is only a short hop, skip and jump and you are there. Walking through the terminal in Houston we saw a display with huge cowboy boots. Yep, we were definitely in the lone star state now. 

Welcome to Houston

A taxi ride to the Hilton Americas hotel downtown and we were "home" for the next week and a bit. As usual we have brought a "Stash" of smuggled (but declared) goods. Vegemite, Tim Tams, Chicos and some Australian chocolates that you can't get in the US. 

The Stash

Now it is time to get some sleep and hopefully wake up in the correct time zone refreshed and ready for action. 


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