From the Blogsphere: Passwords, Hollywood and Jivtesh Downunder

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHere are some post from the blogsphere that caught my attention.

Simplify Your Passwords

Steve Endow from Dynamics GP Land brought this comic from to my notice a few months back and I have been meaning to re-post it for a while. I think that this comic/cartoon highlights that most computer users are creating "strong" passwords (ie. at least 8 characters with 3 out of uppercase, lowercase, numeric & symbols) that are hard for humans to remember and fairly easy for computers to crack.  It suggests using a pass phrase of random words that have a meaning to you instead.

Click on the image to show full size. Image from

Have a read of Steve's post: Simplify Your Passwords.


Microsoft Dynamics GP in Hollywood?

Francisco Hillyer posted at article on the Rose Business Solutions Dynamics GP blog, where he noticed Microsoft Dynamics GP being used in a movie. See the screenshot below:

Notice that this is an alternate window from Bill Marshall's MC2

For the details of which movie, you will have to have a read of Francisco's post: Microsoft Dynamics GP in Hollywood?


I have known that this was coming for a little while, but now it is public. Jivtesh Singh MVP and his wife Rubal have recently moved to my home town of Perth, Western Australia.

See Jivtesh's post: Down Under




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