Off Topic: Australia Day 2012 Eat Lamb Campaign

David Meego - Click for blog homepageBack in 2005, the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) organisation started a marketing campaign to encourage Australians to eat lamb on Australia Day (26th January).

They enlisted Sam Kekovich, ex Australian Rules Football player, sports commentator and media personality (Wikipedia), to promote lamb with his deadpan presentation of monologues.  These monologues have lots of Australianisms in them and have been a funny and satirical (and sometimes controversial) way to promote eating lamb cooked on the bar-be-que (BBQ or "barbie") on Australia Day as the Australian thing to do. Anything else is just un-Australian.

This year Lambassador of Australia, Sam Kekovich, is back with another address to the nation:

After years travelling the world on his one-man crusade against unAustralianism, Sam Kekovich has realised the job is too big for him and his dodgy knees alone. Old-fashioned diplambacy just isn't cutting it in this day and age. So it's time to change his tune and embrace popular culture. If UnAustralianism has gone viral, Sam's only antidote is to do the same.



So here is the video of the Chop Culture hit: Barbie Girl (originally by Aqua):

Pop culture's now rife with unAustralian behaviour. Sam's only antidote is to create 'Chop Culture' and go viral himself with his 'chop song': "Barbie Girl". Help Sam get as many hits as possible for his chop hit Barbie Girl to get it to the top of the Nova Australia Day Countdown. You know it makes sense. (Starring pop starlet Melissa Tkautz, Australia's Got Talent winners Justice Crew and pop guru Richard Wilkins).



To the Australian's around the world, Happy Australia Day. To everyone else, join us with a fun laugh at ourselves and some very clever marketing.


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