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David Meego - Click for blog homepageFor those interested in integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics GP (or other Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems), here is some information and helpful links related to the Connector for you.

The Connector is an important part of the CRM Attach strategy for including CRM into ERP opportunities (and vice versa) for creating a more holistic, 360° solution for our Dynamics customers. It is a web services-based integration engine between Dynamics ERP and CRM products.

The Connector works with both premise and cloud versions of CRM, and thus is a perfect complement to the broader "All In" cloud strategy. And while it is delivered with templates that support many common business functions, it is extensible to integrate custom xRM and ERP data as well.

Have a look at the video and documentation below:


For the latest information check out the Connector team's blog:


Here are some related posts:


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