Using Microsoft Kinect with Microsoft Dynamics GP

David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast week our newest Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP, Jivtesh Singh, gave us yet another demonstration of why he deserved the MVP award.

After the cool Dynamics AX demonstration at Convergence when Lachlan Cash used a Microsoft Kinect to control Dynamics AX, Jivtesh has created a Kinect interface to control the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Business Analyzer with gestures.

Watch the cool video below to see it in action: 

Using Gestures with Business Analyzer (Kinect with Dynamics GP!)



Check out Jivtesh's post using the link below:


Also see posts from around the blogsphere:


Fantastic work Jivtesh


01-Sep-2011: Added links for ZDNet's article by Mary Jo Foley.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The 1/2 italian in me would prevent me from ever using this sort of feature.  Look how still he stands between actions.  I'd be talking, and accidentally reboot the computer by waving my hands around!

  2. Hi Ron


    I knew Draganowski sounded like an Italian name ….. not!


  3. JivteshSingh says:

    Ron –  You are absolutely right! I had this problem while testing the code as well. However, the Kinect SDK lets you code for very specific gestures.

    So if I am looking for Swipe from right to left, your code would be looking for that exact gesture. For example – In the Swipe from right to left, you would add a check such that your right hand.X > head.X at initialTime and at  initialTime+.02 sec  right hand.X = head.X (and then you would add some tolerance level)

    Good programmers will really enjoy the challenge of putting in these checks in place, so the code does not fire in false positives.


  4. Sivakumar V says:

    Good work by Jivtesh… as always!

  5. Great video and great idea!

  6. Posting from Jivtesh Singh at About, Dynamics, Development and Life…/everything-dynamics-gp-25.html

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