Microsoft Convergence 2011 Atlanta – Wrap Up

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The conference is over and I am home.  I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed meeting with the Partner and Customer community as well as my colleagues from Microsoft.

I would like to say thanks to the people who made this possible:

  • Pam Misialek and Errol Schoenfish from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product team for inviting Mariano and I to present at the conference.
  • My support team colleagues back in Australia for letting me abandon my real job to work on developing the Support Debugging Tool and preparing for & presenting at the conference. Thanks Charlie Chidiac, Allan Cahill, Marian Verzosa and Rob Dei Rossi.
  • My family for letting me go yet again to the US. This was the 3rd trip this year.
  • Leslie Vail and Sheila Jefferson-Ross for helping Mariano and I make our sessions better each time we present them. Thanks also for creating and posting "that" video of me.
  • Mariano for being my co-presenter and stopping our sessions being boring.
  • You... the readers of the blog and attendees at the conference for supporting us and writing great evaluations which allows it all to happen.


If you missed our Support Debugging Tool session, the Microsoft Convergence 2011 Atlanta website has links to the Virtual Convergence site, which includes our presentations:


Please follow the links below to see what the community had to say about the conference:

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Session Materials

Make sure you fill in your conference evaluations, we need this feedback to improve our sessions and ensure we are invited back.  Don't forget that for each conference evaluation submitted, Microsoft will donate $5 to the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (YEA).

Hope to see you next year for Convergence 2011 in Houston, Texas, USA on 18th-21st March 2012. Watch the Convergence Web Site for more info.


19-Apr-2011: Added extra Convergence related links.

21-Apr-2011: Added links to more Convergence posts by Doug Pitcher, the guy with the "gimpy gait, hairy chest, dull humor, dim witted comments and lame dance moves" (his words not mine). 🙂

22-Apr-2011: Added links for additional posts about conference evaluations.

17-Jan-2012: Fixed broken link to Mariano's Presentation Materials post.

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  1. Jason J says:

    I wanted to say that b/w you and Mariano and then Pam it was a toss up for whom was best but the three of you in your sessions made it worth the entire conference. The three of you are excellent in presentation, depth, skill set, and delivery.

    Thank you for making my first Convergance a beneficial trip.

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