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After a day with Mariano on his Birthday on Thursday (Happy Birthday Mariano), it is now Friday and time for me to start my journey home.

Just before leaving Mariano's place (while I still had a WiFi connection), I let my Windows Phone 7 connect and update the RSS feeds from the 50 or so blogs that I follow. I was "pleased" to see that my great friend Leslie Vail (MVP), The Dynamics Confessor, had finally posted an article relating to Convergence. What I am not necessarily happy about is the content!

Leslie is working hard to change people's perception of me by publishing a video of me from the Convergence Reception. Check out her post:

Since the video is now "out there", I might as well include it here:


This is the result of a misspent youth enjoying music, dancing and DJ'ing too much. 

Now to the journey home, flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles to Sydney to Perth.

The flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles went without incident. However, on arrival in Los Angeles I screwed up.  I expected to change terminals from domestic to international to catch my next flight to Sydney, but it turns out that Delta has the international flight leaving from the same terminal. The result was that I exited the secure area only to have to queue up to get back through the wonderful TSA security checks. Doh.

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney had a delayed departure as they changed the flight plan and had to add more fuel. I slept much of the flight, I was exhausted after a busy week (like many other attendees at the conference).  I did get to watch a few action movies that I had missed at the cinemas:

  • The A-Team
  • The Dark Knight
  • Knight and Day

We made up much of the time, but did still arrive about 10 minutes late. Then for some reason the luggage took almost an hour to come through to the baggage claim carousel. By the time I cleared customs and speed walked to the domestic check-in, I was too late to catch my connection to Perth.

So, I was shifted to the next flight to Perth two hours later. Catching the later flight went without a hitch and I am home and unpacked. I did watch a couple more movies on the domestic flight (for no charge):

  • Tron Legacy
  • The Season of the Witch

Yay for "on demand" movie systems on planes!!

Not the most cost effective method of catching up on movies you missed, but it gives me something to do when not sleeping. The door to door transit time for coming home was 36 hours.

Stay tuned for a final Wrap Up post, with links to all the articles from the blogs around the community and for our session materials.


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  1. Hi David,

    That was all of a 'Dance' 🙂 .. I'm sure that many people around you were jealous about your other competencies (not GP related) :-). I'm happy to see that you made safe back home in the great western Australia and found your TB2 'green' mobile vehicle in the same shape you left it…

    See you next year in Houston (or maybe earlier, who knows ?).

    Until then, have a great time.


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