The Great West Australian Bike Ride – Day 6

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Day 6 - Thursday 24-Mar-2011 - Dunsborough to Busselton - 70 km (43 mi)

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Back on Day 4, I mentioned our helpful volunteer riders called WARBYs. I asked if you could work out what the acronym stands for. Well time to provide the answer, it stands for We Are Right Behind You.... and they always are. Thanks for your support.

We also have a Security team that keep everything on the campsite safe. They have a little red car (like the Wiggles), they have this old couch they use when they get a chance to relax. So why not combine the two..

This morning started as normal with a 5:30am start. The drive from Dunsborough to Busselton on the highway is 20km. So the organisers planned a longer route that took us off the coastal plain and back down again. This provided a big hill up and down and made the ride about 47km. We actually rode 52.26km (max speed 53.0kmh, average 18.7kmh).

I also found another cool bike. This is a hand made custom once off recumbent. The owner explained that this was prototype number 6, and that the first 5 prototypes were unrideable.

Here is a better photo of the Café De Canvas showing it packed with riders having dinner.

The final fun picture for today shows an example how people can get their phones and other devices charged for a small $2 fee.

Once we arrived in Busselton, we pitched our tents and unpacked. We then went into town to grab some lunch and wash some clothes at the laundromat. After than we went for a swim in the sea. It was crystal clear, but a little cold. Regardless, it was very refreshing after a very warm day.

Just before dinner I went back down to the beach and took some sunset photos. This is Busselton Jetty which is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere at 2km in length.

Tomorrow is a long ride (over 100km and hilly), so it is a earlyish night for all.

The Route Profile for the day is attached to the bottom of this article. 


Day 6 Profile - Dunsborough to Busselton 2011.pdf

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