Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 – Post Conference

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On the Friday after the conference, I had a number of meetings with the teams on the Microsoft Fargo campus. While I was in meetings, Leslie, came into the campus and caught up with some of her work.

Picture taken from Horizon showing Commons and Vision buildings on the left and Vista on the right.

After the day at the office Leslie and I returned to the Ramada for dinner and a chance to unwind. I decided to show Leslie, on of my favorite games, Tantrix. I have travelled with a set in my bag for a number of years now and bring it out every now and then. It can be played a single player puzzles, but is most fun as a 2-4 player game. The aim of the game is to make the longest line (by number of tiles) of your colour while trying to prevent your opponents making their lines longer.  If you can make the line close into a loop, the score is double the number of tiles in the loop.

Example Tantrix game in play.

Thanks to Andrea and Cassandra from the bar staff at the Ramada for looking after us and making us feel welcome.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Leslie as she had an early flight out of Fargo and go to sleep.  Tomorrow I would start the journey home.


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