Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 – Day 3 cont.

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After the conference, I went to a meeting with some of the ISVs, we discussed what some of the changes in upcoming versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP would affect software developers and their products.

Finally, the work for the day was over, now it was time to play.  Rob Wagner from the Development team had organised tickets for me, Mariano and Leslie to the Blizzard Music Tour concert in Fargo with the bands 3OH!3 and Nelly. Sadly, Mariano had to leave earlier than originally planned and could not make it.  That was alright as we used his ticket and a couple of additional tickets for the GDL team guys Nilesh, Paramesh & Savitha to join us.

Rob Wagner, Leslie Vail and David Musgrave about to head to the concert.

We arrived a little after the start, which means we missed some of the lesser known bands.  When we arrived, Australian band Sick Puppies were playing (YouTube channel). After their set, the crew set up the stage for 3OH!3.

3OH!3 in action.

Once the stage was ready, 3OH!3 came on and sung a number tracks including the chart toppers, Starstrukk and Double Vision (click for video clips).

Nilesh (doing the 3OH!3 symbol), Savitha & Paramesh at the concert.

Leslie (on her second bucket of pop corn) and Rob.

After another break for the crew to set up, Nelly came out and performed. He finished the concert with one of my current favourite tracks, Just a Dream (click for video clip). 


Because we had arrived after the concert had already started, we ended up having to park at a nearby shopping mall carpark and catch a school bus into the concert venue.  After the concert we had catch a school bus back to the where Rob's car was. We don't have yellow school bus like that in Perth, so I decided to take a couple of photos to show that they do exist in the US and not just in the movies. 

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

David attending Fargo Schools.... or not.

After the concert we had a little time to unwind back at the Ramada. I even got to be a geek (well a little more than usual) and demonstrate my HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7 device to Andrea (AKA  An-Drey-Argghhh). 

Andrea checking out how cool Windows Phone 7 is.

Another late night. But it was fun. Thanks Rob for organising it.


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