Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 – Day 3

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After a fun night with my fellow attendees, the third and final day of the conference is upon us.

Everything started as normal, I got up, checked my email, showered and dressed and met the other attendees in the hotel lobby. We then caught the shuttle bus to the campus and went into the Commons building where the conference was being held. Then just as we were saying hello to Babs and the conference crew, a ridiculously loud buzzing starts and lights all around the building start flashing. This is not a drill. The fire alarm was going off and we had to evacuate.

Evacuating to the Vision Building

Initially, it looked like we would have the assemble in the car park in the freezing Fargo air. Luckily, the alarm was not going off in the Vision building and we were able to quickly assemble in the lobby where it was warm.

Everyone say hello.

While we were waiting, I caught up with the GDL (Global Development and Localization) team for a quick photo. Nilesh Thakkar who manages the team was over from the UK and Paramesh Rajan and Savitha Shetty had made the trip to Fargo from Bangalore in India.

Nilesh Thakkar, Savitha Shetty, David Musgrave, and Paramesh Rajan

Eventually we got the all clear by the Fire Department and were able to go back to the Commons building via the walkway between the Vision and Commons building.

Fire Department leaving

Just as we are finally settling down to the important stuff, like getting breakfast, the fire alarm goes again and we evacuate this time to the Horizon building. After another short delay we are allowed back to the Commons again.

Heading back to the Commons building from Horizon

Finally, I could get myself some breakfast for a healthy start to the day.

A healthy breakfast (there was also fresh fruit and eggs, sausage & bacon).

Now it was time for the closing session and sadly time to say goodbye to Mariano and Beat as they had early flights home.  At least it was easier to say goodbye knowing that Mariano would be at Convergence with me in a month's time.

David Musgrave, Leslie Vail, Beat Bucher, and Mariano Gomez

The closing session was followed by an Executive Q & A session with the obligatory first question by Bill Marshall followed by a very in depth comment on the current state of play and feedback from Mark Rockwell from Rockton Software.

Gary Tronson, Brian Roney, Chad Sogge, and Pam Misialek (filling in for Errol Schoenfish who was off on a golfing trip!)

And then it was all over.  The conference had finished and it was time to say goodbye to most of the attendees.

Babs Coler and Jeff Trosen saying goodbye

While the conference was over, my time in Fargo was not yet at an end....


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