Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 – Day 2 cont.

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Now, just to prove that I am not just "forcing" others to try the Tim Tam Slam, I did do one myself. 

The following sequence of pictures were taken by Leslie.

Nibbling the chocolate off both ends of the Tim Tam to make the "straw".

Sucking hard to pull the hot chocolate through the Tim Tam.

The Tim Tam is now disintegrating in my mouth. hmmmm.

Licking the lips... yummy.

All done, happy now... What's happening behind me?

Oh.... It's just Mariano being his usual self.

Who's going to try the Tim Tam Slam next?

If you missed out and want to try a Tim Tam Slam... I am planning to bring more packs when I am back for Microsoft Convergence 2011 Atlanta next month. Make sure you come say hello if you are there.


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