Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 – Day 1 Afternoon

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After the opening session, the breakout sessions started. Now I did not get a chance to get to many of the breakout sessions as I had a number of meetings to attend.

At lunch time, Mariano and I were able to catch up with the guys from the community team.

David Musgrave, Nick Hoban, Shane Kvalevog, and Mariano Gomez.

A little after lunch, Mariano and I presented our first session: Development Troubleshooting with the Support Debugging Tool. The session was a huge success and there was much clapping.  The adoption of the tool in the partner community is growing really fast.  Many partners are rolling out the tool to all of their customer's sites (on all workstations). I wish the sessions were longer than 75 minutes or that we could get a double session as there is always so much more than we could discuss or demonstrate.

Mariano and David presenting.

Next, there was a What's New in Dexterity session for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 presented by Alice Newsam and Rob Anderson.  The list of new features is not large for this feature pack, but will be appreciated:

  • An enhanced Names window for selecting dictionary resources.
  • Fixing the Table Buffers window and adding a Dictionary selection to the window.
  • A number of undocumented Table Index related functions are now documented.
  • Support for using Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source code control.

We returned to the hotel after the day's sessions. Then we walked across from the hotel to the mall to join a group of around 20 attendees and had dinner at Grizzly's Grill. We had a good time and Mark really enjoyed his Long Island Iced Tea.

Mark Rockwell and his musketeer look

What we had not thought about is that we were able to walk through the heated mall to get to the restaurant, but to get home (after the temperature had dropped even further), we had to walk around the outside as the mall was closed.  Luckily we managed to find a couple of attendees with cars who dropped us back to the hotel.

Dinner at Grizzly's Grill in Fargo.

After returning to the hotel, Mariano (and a very tired David) worked on moving his Visual Studio Tools customisation from his laptop (with no VGA port) to my machine for the next day's session.


PS: To help me justify to management the amount of development time going into the Support Debugging Tool, please post comments on how the tool has worked for you and how you are deploying it.

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  1. Hi David,

    This was again a great success this year and I hope you will even go ahead and put other big features in the Support Debugging Tool.

    I have been using it since GP 8.0, initially only to get quickly in-depth information about the structure of the system (so more convenient then using the resource tools about forms and fields..), but with GP10 I've deployed it to all the client's workstation including the Citrix installation, so that when anything weird happens, I got notifications by e-mail or can call the users and quickly figure out what's wrong.

    Great job, keep going…


  2. Steven Vallarian says:


    We're using it in GP 9, just to save us about 15-30 minutes every time we get a security-related, "I can't get to this window" telephone call.

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