Dexterity Training in Orlando (May 16th to 20th 2011)

Dexterity - Click for blog homepageFinally, you have another opportunity to learn the foundations of Developing for Dynamics GP using Dexterity.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP client application is developed using Dexterity. Many of the features of the Dynamics GP interface are the way they are because of the how Dexterity works.  Having a background knowledge of Dexterity will help any developer wanting to work with Dynamics GP, even if they are not planning to develop in Dexterity as their primary language.

A Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP developer will benefit from understanding how the GP windows are constructed, how table buffers and ranges work, and how to call functions and procedures.

Leslie Vail (MVP) will be instructing the 5 day Dexterity class to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA during the week starting on the 16th of May 2011,   Leslie is a great trainer with loads are real world experience and a great sense of humour.

The course is organised through the partner Integrated Business Group ( If you would like more information, contact the training coordinator, Roxanna Alvarez, or at +1 (407) 677-0370.

This course is a must for anyone wanting to get started in the Dynamics GP development world. See point 3 in my blog posting on How to get started with Dexterity.

See Leslie's post for more information: Dexterity Training Rescheduled.

Don't miss this opportunity.  Register now to ensure the class runs.


PS: Sadly, the proposed class just before the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Conference 2011 was postponed due to lack of numbers.

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