What’s up with Australia and Natural Disasters this summer?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI know that the USA has had some terrible snow storms this winter season, but Australia keeps being a land of awesome beauty, amazing contrasts and devastating demonstrations of the power of nature.

Starting back in December on the eastern side of the nation, Queensland had 2 months of rain and floods. See my post Floods in Queensland, Australia.

Just when they thought the disaster was over, Category 5 tropical cyclone Yasi hits with 320kmh winds.  See my post Spare a thought for Queensland, Australia.

Luckily, the death toll was low (only 2) and the major towns were spared from the worst of the damage.  While it was not as bad as expected, hundreds of thousands of homes lost power, a number of small country towns have been wiped off the map, many homes have been damaged or destroyed (150 destroyed, 650 uninhabitable, 2,275 damaged), and 75% of the nation's banana crops have been flattened.

To see the power of cyclone Yasi, have a look at these galleries:

But it is not over yet, now the state of Victoria has been hit with flooding with more rain forecasted.

So the eastern states of Australia are receiving rain, storms and are flooding, while here in Western Australia, we are in a state of drought with high temperatures and no rain.

In fact, last weekend was hot, dry and very windy (40+ kmh).  Perfect bushfire conditions, and even though we had "Extreme Fire Warning" notices, two bushfires started on Saturday, one in the north eastern suburbs and one in the south eastern suburbs.

(Department of Environment and Conservation)

The fires are still burning, although they have finally been contained, but not before destroying 68 homes and damaging 32 others.

The following galleries show the raw power and devastation of the bushfires:

While all the damage to homes and properties is sad, it really brings it home when you hear about firefighters who have lost their own homes while they struggle to save other people's homes.

I still love this country of mine, but recently, it has been very "trying". 


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  1. mgomezb says:

    "Trying" to say the least my friend. Please stay safe and keep us updated.


    Mariano Gomez, MVP

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