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David Meego - Click for blog homepageHi everyone

You might have noticed that the posts have slowed down over the last few days.  Well there is a reason ... and it is not that I have run out of ideas.

I have lots of topics to discuss, including more Report Writer articles that Mark Polino loves.

The reason is that I am travelling. I am currently in Seattle, WA, USA for an internal global support engineering summit.

After a 30 hour transit from Perth (via Sydney and San Francisco) I finally arrived in Seattle. After a sleep in, I had a chance to do a little bit of shopping (well the Aussie dollar is strong against the US dollar at the moment). 

What was really cool is that the Bellevue Square shopping centre has a "Microsoft Store".  This was the first time I have seen a Microsoft Store and it was great to see all of the cool technologies from Microsoft and its partners being showcased.

Windows Phone 7, Xbox with Kinect, Microsoft Surface, Windows PCs in multiple form factors (Desktop, Laptop, Slate, All-in-One), accessories and software were all on display with helpful friendly staff to answer any questions you might have.


Check out the screens that wrap around the entire store.



I will post some more technical articles soon.


Comments (3)

  1. bbucher says:

    Hey David,

    Nice to see that you're back under our Latitudes :-), only 3 hrs now separate us from you, time to bogg you a little bit ;-).  Enjoy your trip to the West Coast and the MS headquarter.  Will you be in Fargo in March ? We might see again there…

    Take care and have a nice week,


  2. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Beat

    Yes, Mariano and I will be presenting again at the Tech Conference in Fargo in March.


  3. Andy Snook says:

    Go to Matador's in Redmond.  Good food.

    See you in Fargo.

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