Floods in Queensland, Australia

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIn previous years, I have posted about the flooding in Fargo, ND, USA which occurs when the snows melt and the Red River basin overflows.

Now it is Australia's turn to have massive devastating floods.  I live in a country of amazing contrasts.  Perth in Western Australia has just had the driest winter on record ever and is in a state of drought. Meanwhile, after years long drought, vast areas of Queensland on the east coast have been under water for weeks and it is getting worse with more rain falling.

To give an idea of the scale of the flooding, the area under water is equivalent to the combined countries of Germany and France.

Yesterday, there was a flash flood in the town of Toowoomba where a 8m wall of water swept through the town centre without warning.  So far 8 people have been confirmed dead and 72 people are still missing. [Edit] As at the end of January, it appears that the total death toll for the floods in Queensland is 30. 

See the story: 'Instant inland tsunami' kills eight, also follow the other links and videos from this story.

[Edit] To get an idea of the power of the flash flood, watch this video footage: Amateur captures nature's fury in Toowoomba.


This aerial photo shows an example of the extent of the flooding:

For more Photos: click on Floods Ravage Queensland

This image is from the BBC news website showing the Rockhampton area:

Click here for full story: Floods in Rockhampton - before and after

If you want to donate or want more information, please visit the Australian Red Cross or the Queenland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.

Please join me and the rest of Australia with your prayers and best wishes for the people of Queensland.


[Edit] Just heard that the Microsoft office in the Queensland state capital Brisbane has been evacuated and the building closed as the city is now at risk of flooding.

Comments (2)

  1. Vaidy Mohan says:

    I have been following the news updates about Floods and it's quite wrenching. The magnitude looks unprecedented. Feeling sad for those who got affected. And my prayers & thoughts are with those who need courage and confidence to move on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi David,

    Australia is an amazing county. Here you will enjoy all 4 four seasons in one day and then drought and then rain turining into flood.

    I spent quite a bit of time Australia, especially in victoria was kind of fell in love with Aussie but then I again had to come back to US though I miss it very badly.

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