Off Topic: Awesome Beatboxing

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI am on leave from today until the New Year, so forgive me for not wanting to think too much about work.  It is bad enough that I am going to post a blog article while on leave ... Don't tell my wife please.

Anyhow, yesterday I came across something that I think is worth sharing as it will bring a smile to your face and is a fantastic demonstration of musical and vocal talent.

Mike Tompkinsfrom Ontario, Canada has become a bit of a Internet sensation when he released his A Capella versions of some current chart topping songs. He has since appeared on the US Today show and the Ellen show.

Some people think that his versions of the songs he has covered are better than the originals.  But the best thing is that his versions have no instruments in them.  The entire song, music and vocals is created by Mike.

Watch my favourite, an awesome cover of Taio Cruz's song "Dynamite".  Make sure you watch to the end as he shows you how the different tracks were layered to produce the final sound.


For more, visit Mike's You Tube channel at 


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