Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for 2010

Patrick Roth - Click for blog homepageJust a quick post today to wish our readership a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  A time for a get-together with family and friends and (traditionally) eat and eat and eat some more.

For those of you out there wondering - Fargo finally has our first snow on Monday.  About 10" or so and we had our first below 0 day at about -8F.  A very nice fluffy snow that blows all around quite nicely in the wind that we had yesterday.  So I had the opportunity to remove the snow from the driveway again today - but it was a very nice day to do so being about 20F and sunny.

Catch you next week with a new post - I have a number of interesting topics to write about.  Just have to get motivated enough to do it.

Best Regards,

Patrick Roth
Dynamics GP Developer Support

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