Revisited – Modal Windows Issues in GP 10.0 Fixed in 10.0 SP5

Patrick Roth - Click for blog homepageAt the beginning of this year, I posted an article that detailed a couple of the known issues involving VBA and a Visual Studio Tools window displayed as a Modal Window.

The issues were:

1. Not being able to tab in a GP window

2. Not being able to click/select a field with the mouse cursor in your .NET window

In that article, I detailed two KB's that would resolve the individual issues.  The 1st solution was to load a workaround assembly Microsoft.Dexterity.Support.FilterEvents.dll which was to be the "10.0" solution.  The 2nd solution was an updated DexVBA.dll to install over the existing version.

Since that post we've discovered another related issue.

3. If a Visual Studio Tools window is opened as modal, a field could receive extra key strokes. 

In the most recent case noted above, the ISV had a modal window with a Datagridview control.  The ISV then open another modal window which the user eventually closes.  In the first window with focus in the Datagridview control, if the Enter key was pressed, the focus went down two lines instead of properly only down one line.

As noted above, the "FilterEvents.dll" was to be the 10.0 solution and the underlying problem was to be fixed in the 11.0/GP2010 release.

The bad news is that the tabbing issue described in #1 was NOT fixed in the Dynamics GP 2010 RTM release.  It was meant to be fixed and thought to be fixed but turns out to have not been fixed but will make the GP 2010 SP1 update.  Issue #2 above is fixed inthe RTM release.  Issue #3 was discovered after RTM and will be resolved in GP 2010 SP1.  So if you are running into issue #1 on GP2010 RTM, you can still use the Microsoft.Dexterity.Support.FilterEvents.dll as detailed in KB 2011820 Customersource - it will work fine under GP 2010.  And when GP 2010 SP1 ships, you can remove the assembly since it will be fixed in the runtime at that point.

The good news is that with the new issue documented above and finding that the fix for #1 wasn't as risky as initially assessed, I was able to talk development (they are a bunch of nice guys) into getting the fix for #1 rolled into SP5 and fixing the new issue #3 as well.  #2 was fixed midrelease and of course is included in SP5. 

This means that all known issues regarding Visual Studio Tools and Modal Windows are resolved in Dynamics GP 10.0 SP5.  It also means that if you had previously installed the Microsoft.Dexterity.Support.FilterEvents.dll to fix the tabbing issue in #1 above you can now install SP5 and delete the Microsoft.Dexterity.Support.FilterEvents assembly.  It shouldn't hurt anything to leave it in but there isn't a good reason to have it installed after installing the service pack.

Happy updating,
Patrick Roth
Developer Support

16-Sep-2010: Updated Link to KB Article.

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  1. David Jedziniak says:

    The links to the KB's are dead.

    I can't seem to find this info on MS anymore.

    I am experiencing this issue and would like to resolve it without upgrading to SP5.

    Does anyone know where I can get the dll's involved here?

  2. David Musgrave says:

    Hi David

    I have updated the links to the KB articles in both blog posts and confirmed that the download for the dll does work.

    Try again.


  3. Arthur says:

    I think the problem is back except now you get invalid characters…I can replicate it in GP2010 and GP2013 using the lookups sample project.

  4. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Arthur

    Please log a support case for this and hopefully Pat will be assist you.



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