Logging SQL with the Support Debugging Tool and 10 Free Add-ons

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMy friend, Mariano Gomez aka The Dynamics GP Blogster has a couple of recent posts I would highlight.

In the first, Mariano discusses the Support Debugging Tool's ability turn on and off the DEXSQL.LOG SQL logging without having to exit the application or modify the DEX.INI.  Have a look at the post at Enabling DEXSQL logs with Support Debugging Tool.

A couple of additional points.  On a Terminal Server system with a shared DEX.INI file, this allows the DEXSQL.LOG to be enabled for a single user rather than all users on the system.  This means that the log will only contain the communication between the Dynamics GP application and SQL Server for that one user session.  You could also use Manual Logging Mode, which captures the DEXSQL.LOG as well as the Dexterity Script Log and Dexterity Script profile, all with a single button click or keypress (see Tools menu for keyboard shortcuts).

Note: The ability to change the file name of the DEXSQL.LOG works by renaming the file when logging stops.  It is not possible to change the file name used while it is recording the log.

In the second article, Mariano gives us his top 10 free add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Included in his list are two of my tools, which is great, but also a number of other handy tools from other developers and consultants.  Please check out the post Top 10 Microsoft Dynamics GP freebies for more information.



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