Great Posts from Leslie Vail – Tables, Security & Dex.ini settings

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMy great friend Leslie Vail has some fantastic posts on her Dynamics Confessor Blogspot blog. 

If you wanted to know more about the way the tables are named in SQL Server, Leslie discusses the naming conventions on how the names are created.  Have a read of Leslie's Dynamics GP Table Names post for more information.  Note, there is also information about naming conventions in Dexterity in Appendix A of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Guide manual installed with Dexterity (IG.PDF). 

Sometimes you get users who have access denied to all resources in the system, but some windows still seem to be active.  This is because some windows are "hidden" from the security system.  Usually, these are windows that are used by many areas of the system, or are generic windows which can be changed depending on what the code asks for, or they can be hidden system forms used by developers.  Leslie discusses this further in her You Can’t Deny security for some Windows! post.

The final post I want to highlight is related to a long time obsession of Leslie's.  It is her personal crusade to find every Dex.ini Setting possible for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This is hard because many are not documented and some of those are only for development and testing use.  Settings can be used by the Dexterity Runtime, as well as each of the Dexterity dictionaries (or products) installed.  So settings can be created by any developer from Microsoft or any Independent Software Vendor (ISV).  There will never be a truely complete and exhaustive list..... but Leslie's come close. See Dex.ini switches now available to download and download the file.

Thanks Leslie for the great posts.


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  1. Leslie Vail says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the endorsement. It doesn't get any better than from you!


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