Social Networking and Blogging Part 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast September, I wrote a blog post about Social Networking and Blogging.  In it, I provided links to my personal LinkedIn account and announced that I had created a Twitter account to tweet the blog using Twitterfeed. I also indicated that I did not have time to invest in other social networking sites such as Facebook.

Well, I still don't have the time to "waste" on social networking sites.  However, after swearing blind that I would never join Facebook, I have to eat my words. In May, I created a personal account on Facebook as well as an account for the blog.

The blog account is and is updated automatically from the blog using Twitterfeed again.

My personal account is and is updated every now and then.

So now, you can get your dose of Developing for Dynamics GP from your Facebook too.

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I still think the the actual web interface to the blog is the best place to use, as it allows you to post comments that remain with the posts and also rate the posts with the star system.  Anyhow, now you have yet another medium you can use.... it's your choice.


PS: I have added the links to the news section of the blog and the About page.

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