We’re back and better than ever

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWe are back.

The migration of the MSDN and TechNet blogs to the new Telligent platform has been completed and you can now see our new look blogs.

I spent some time customizing the layout to ensure that everything we had before is still available.... even if the Tags, News, Links and Archives, etc. sections have swapped sides.  Having these sections on the right hand side is friendlier for mobile or small screen devices as the actual content is now on the left side.

Now that we are back and comments are enabled again, you have a chance to add any comments you wanted to make on the posts from last week.  Here is the list of the posts published while comments were disabled.

Note: You will need to sign in with your Windows Live ID to be able to post comments. [Edit] Anonymous posting of comments will be enabled again soon.

Thanks for your patience and support during the migration.

Please post comments on this post to let us know what you think of the updated blog.


Comments (3)

  1. bbucher says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for keeping the beat with your blog posts 🙂 as always very freshening (is that a word ?). I had some troubles to sign in for the MSDN, since the old blogs were linked to a common MS Live ID,  but that's no longer the case with the MSDN  blogs… which requires an additional link of your account before you can use it… @$£!* to not say the least….

    I think you've a broken link in your list here in this post : the 'Being Green or Cost Saving Measure' is not pointing to the right place and ends up with an HTTP 400 message.

    Best regards and have a great week as always.


  2. David Musgrave says:

    Hi Beat

    I used the same Live ID that I use for everything else.

    I have fixed the broken link. Thanks for pointing it out.


  3. David,

    I really like the new look!  Great job on this.


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