Being Green or Cost Saving Measure?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAnother off topic post, but this is something that has been on my mind for a while.


When a supplier says it will no longer send you your monthly statement and that you can download it instead.... Is it being "Green" or is it just another cost saving measure?

Many credit card suppliers and telecommunications companies have moved to this "Green" model.  However, how many of these companies have passed on the massive cost savings of paper, ink, printing, postage and handling as well as staff to their customers?

In my case, no savings at all have been passed on. In fact, one company offered to continue sending paper statements .... for an additional new charge. Another company, still charges "Postage & Petties", but does not send anything via post.

In almost all of these cases, I still need to print the paper for my own use (for expense claims or tax records).  So the "Green" argument is no longer valid as the paper, ink, etc. is still used.  The difference is that the costs for stationery items, time and download usage has been shifted from the supplier to the consumer.

This is like charging the consumer more for using a credit card when purchasing.  Sending paper statements are part of the operating costs of a business.  I understand that minimising these costs makes business sense.

Just don't hide behind the "Green" argument.



PS: Before any one hassles me for "Greeny Bashing", I should state that I am a firm believer in using the resources of our planet carefully and wisely.

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