Yummy Australian Food

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWhen I travel to the USA for conferences, I have started bringing Australian Food with me.  There are three particular items that I bring:

  • Kraft Vegemite - To help dispel the myth that it is disgusting.  It is just very concentrated and must be spread extremely thinly.  It is best with buttered toast (and melted cheese).

  • Arnott's Tim Tams - Because they are the best chocolate biscuits (cookies) out there and it is great fun to watch people try the Tim Tam Slam.

  • Allen's Chicos - Because these politically incorrect chocolate flavoured jelly babies are just yummy.

Well, if you would like to see/taste what this is all about (or get more if you had some of what I brought with me), my friend Mariano Gomez has found a great site which sells Australian products in the USA.

The Australian Products Company imports lots of great Australian products. They even have pages dedicated to Vegemite and Tim Tams.  Check out the video of a Tim Tam Slam at the bottom of the Tim Tam page.

Below are my recommendations:

Mariano found this site after he had a jar of Vegemite confiscated by security at Atlanta airport. He had left it in his computer bag hand luggage and the security guys obviously wanted to try some for themselves. 🙂

Happy eating.


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