Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Atlanta 2010 – Day 3

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Monday started again with breakfast in the huge Meals Hall area. Then Mariano and I went to Lucas Miller's Security Overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP session. It was interesting to see that the techniques for understanding security and resolving security issues can almost all be replaced with the features of the Support Debugging Tool. Lucas was kind enough to promote our session which followed his.

So, then Mariano and I presented the CSGP29 - Tools for Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP like the Pros session. This session should probably have been renamed to "Tool" rather than "Tools", because it focuses on the Support Debugging Tool and how it can solve many of the pain points for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users, Administrators, Partner Consultants, Support Engineers and Developers.  We only had one hour to show off the tool, but were able to get through almost everything with a minute to spare.

David and Mariano's Session

The session went extremely well, we were able to excite the audience and received applause as we demonstrated each new feature. We had many people come up and thank us for the session and the tool. I was still a little sad to hear how many people did not know the tool existed, but am hoping that conference sessions like this can raise the awareness among customers and partners. At the end of the session I reminded the attendees that they need to enter session evaluations.  I would love the opportunity to come back and present at future conferences and the evaluations are what will make that happen.

After lunch Mariano and I joined a GPUG (Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group) organised Tip and Tricks for Maintaining Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP interactive discussion and were able to provide some insight and answers. I have said this before, but one of the best things about any industry conference is meeting people who use and work with the same tools and applications that you do.  There is a huge value in having an open forum to discuss issues.

For the next couple of hours Mariano and I made ourselves available at the Expo Hall to chat with people who wanted say hello or ask us questions. It is very rewarding to meet followers of our blogs and hear how much they enjoy our blogs and the work we do in the communities. Please post comments on the conference posts to let us know what you think.

Side Note: Getting written feedback helps me justify the effort and time I put into the blog, community and tools to my management.

Expo Hall

While at the Expo, I caught up with my friends from Rockton Software, who are as crazy as always.  This year their stand had a pirate theme.  Why are pirates called pirates? Because they Arrrggghhhh.

Rockton Software Pirates

After the Expo finished for the day we were invited to a party organised by the partner Tribridge at Stats bar. I got a chance to meet a couple of celebrities, including Bono from the band U2.

David and Bono

I finished the day with a quiet dinner with Mariano and his wife, before crashing in my room to get some much needed sleep.


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  1. Beat BUCHER says:

    Your sessions with Mariano where just fantastic. I hope you’ll come back over the next years to present more session like those ones. You deserved the applause and the reward was your evening party and meeting with U2’s band leader Bono.

    Well done. Take care until next time,


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